Monday, July 13, 2015

HOLA from Hermana Thompson

So this week was great!!! We had a leaders conference and president really encouraged us to have faith in the plans that the Lord has given us. We have a goal to complete the standard of excellence in 3 weeks and with the help of the Lord, anything is possible.  have really learned what faith is. But with faith we need to act and trust in the Lord that it will go the best way possible. 

Anyways, we were able to find more new investigadors who really seem to be prepared! The Lord has put everything in our path so that we can really accomplish the goals we have set, we cant do this work alone, we are in a trio with the Lord. Oh and im not in a Hermana trio anymore because Hna Valesquez had emergency transfers today. Sad day. but its all good!!! 

So i wrote out things I was going to write, and forgot it all. So its a super short email. 

We had interviews with president and he first tells me that he cant believe I already have 13 months. Me neither. What the heck. But I'm so motivated to really work hard in these last 5 months! I am going to be the person the lord wants me to be. 

Love ya all
Hermana Thompson

Pix of Zone leaders and Hermana leaders in mission

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


July 6th 2015

hola hola!!! 

como estan mi familia??? les extrano mucho!! pero estoy feliz!!! its just a party here in guatemala. well. not really. but lets just start wtih this. thanks mom for the package with cereal, i decided to make breakfast for them with it hahah...l look at one of the photos i sent. 

so andrea got baptized!!! i came in when she arleady had her date, but I’m super grateful to have been apart of it and see her make this covenant with our Father in Heaven! She is 13 and takes care of her younger brother and sisters. Her mom is an alcoholic and is never home because works like 5 hours away. She takes her younger sibling to church and everything. She was so excited to be baptized and she knows this church is true! i am excited to see the generations that follow!!

Eriks fecha fija fell because he is having problem overcoming addictions. We are going to pass the reference to the elders because its more appropriate for them to help them, but we are just praying for him!!
I also had divisions with my old comp is my old area. weird. but it was like i never had changes hahah but it was fun being with her and seeing how she is really becoming a great missionary!!! 

We met a lady named nancy who just loves the book of mormon and can feel the difference in her life. When people open up there hearts to the spirit, they can receive sooo much more happiness!!! 

This week i learned an important lesson about repentance. true repentance means that we are better than yesterday and tomorrow we are better than today! i love it!!! 

We need to be repenting every day and truly talking to our Heavenly Father. When you pray, imagine like its a conversation. He wont answer you in the ways you want, but many of your answers can be found in His written words. Listen to the spirit, he will answer. He loves you. He knows you, and He wants to help you. He provides comfort that no one can. 
I love you all
con amor 
hermana thompson


June 29th


Well, this has been the most tiring thing of my life. For the least, i fit everything in my suitcases...almost. Well, Hermana Woods, my trainer went home this week so that was sad! But i received not only one, but TWO new comps!!! Hermana Yriarte who is from Mexico who has an obsession with instant soup and Hermana Valesquez from Mexico who is the skinniest person yet eats the world. not fair. but its chill. We have an uneven amount of Hermanas so Hermana V didnt have a comp. Trio for 6 weeks woot woot! but its probs the best trio ever. WE have soo much fun and i learn sooo much from them! they came to the mission together and have 14 months! Last night, we compared Disney movies with the lessons we teach. Lion king and Hercules are the plan of salvation. think about it. 

So I felt like this week went by so fast and I’m so tired!!We did divisions with Olintepece, Hermana Feliz and Hermana Tolman. I went with Hermana Feliz there and it was so great! Olinte is beautiful! i learn so much through divisions. we went running through the corn field so it was great! As sister leaders we get to go and do divisions with different Hermanas every week, and one of them is my area i just came from. YAY: 

This week i met Erik who will be getting baptized on Saturday. Hes just been looking for God and has made a huge change in his life! its amazing to see the gospel change peoples lifes.  
QUe mas...
OOO. so the sunday before changes my old ward assigned me a talk about how to prepare for the missin, when i got changes i was excited because i didn’t have to give it anymore, but the first counselor of my new ward called me and assigned me it AGAIN. 
hahaah but it all went well! 

We also ate soo much food this week. everyone gave us food. i ate baladas, from honduras, chilikilis, from mexico, and spaghetti and frijoles, from guatemala. puede ver quien tiene comida mas rica. Jajaja.

anyways. thats it for this week!! 
love ya all 
hermana thompson

One of my new Comp!

I made them french toast for July 4th!

For My Moms Bday

Baptism of Andrea