Tuesday, June 23, 2015

la canchota se va

Our investigators daughter

We found a secret path 

Erikas kids. They love frozen. every time I go to there house I just want to watch frozen. 

herman piedra santa, the menos activa who is now active!!! woot woot just took ironing her clothes and cleaning her house

Well, by the time that everyone gets this email, my brother Austen will be engaged!!! CONGRATS!!! I may not knwo your future wife, but im still excited for ya! 
So, last night, as we were waiting for our district leader to call about changes when President calls and called me as a sister leader. I was in shock and couldnt sleep all through the night!!! Im super scared and nervous, but I have been praying a lot to develop more love in everything that I do and i feel like this was an answer. I am excited to help support other Hermanas!! So I have transfers tomorrow so we will see where i go!
So, as everyone knows, i always get talked to in the street, normally its a hey baby and thats about all the English that they know, but this week i was impressed by the creativity. So a lto say canche which means blonde person. Well, they used canche and another word, grandota, which means giant, and put them together. Canchota. I was impressed. hahaha 

So about 3 months ago i shared a sotry about a man named Froilan, he was in a serious accident and had a crazy cast thing for awhile. We taught him for a little bit and he was just so humble and ready to accept the gospel. It broke our hearts when we found out that he moved, BUT we tracked him down and he was in the area of the hermanas of centro, hermana woods and Bingham. they found him and HE GOT BAPTIZED! I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!! 

So i said we were going to have a baptism with a man named Domingo, well, satan got a hold of him and he did some things he shouldnt so we moved the date. He is still trying, but when someone tries to change their life COMPLETELY its pretty tough. He has a lot of repentance to do, but the Lord is with him and helping him. It has made me think a lot about the atonement and how Jesus has really felt Every pain, every sadness, EVERYTHING. In sunday school someones said something relaly powerful, when Jesus was suffering in the garden of gethsemene our Heavenly Father had to distance himself from Him to stop from helping with the pain. Not only Jesus was suffering, but our Father in Heaven as well. Every time we feel pain, he is saddened as well, but he knows what is best for us
Also, one of our cute investigators named Rosio took the faith as Esther did and came to church not really caring what her husband said. He is super not interested in hearing from us so really doesnt like us talkiing to her but she wants to find the true church and is doing everything she can to be able to come to church!
Also, Amalia and Glenda read not only the intro but the testimonies and highlighted. 

They are praying to find the true church as well. Im sad to leave all these people, but I feel like I have completed my work here in Los Arcos, this was a great four and a half months!! 
love you all!!
con amor
hermana thompson

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Enough said!

P Day cleaning out the mission home storage area....Lots of work!


Well, this week was one of weird emotions. I Completed one year on Thursday. It made me think about my time I have had here in the mission and i have realized how much I have loved every second of it. Its been the hardest, best time of my life. I have met so many people who have changed my life!!!  I love this gospel and I love every opportunity I have to share it. 

So one of the best parts of this week was Hermana Piedra Santa, who has been inactive for three years and she finally came to church two weeks ago and last week. two Sundays in a row for the first tim ein three years. She says that she can already see the blessings in her life. Attending church is very important, and a time taht we can renew our covenants and remember His sacrafice for us. 

Also, Domingo was the man who has come to church four Sundays in a row. that a gold mine in missionary world. He was going to get up and move to Mexico this week and so he told us he had to think about baptism. On thursday we went and I asked if ya se va?..are you out of here?.. and he said no I have to get baptized first!!! This man is amazing!! he also invites two of his friends to church with him and they both came! we couldnt find them after the first hour, but we found them at the tienda buying cookies hahaahaha 
but Domingo was so prepared. He teaches us the commandments before we even need to teach him. The Lord really does prepare people. He is getting baptized this saturday!!! When he gets no sleep, he comes to church. When hes alzy, he still comes to church. He has no excuses for himself and his relationship in God. He even knows the importance of missionary work. 

Every one of us should be striving to be obedient in all aspects of life. We need to put Him first, not anyone else. We should live every moment as if the second coming was tomorrow. Obedience is the key to happiness in this life, I testify of that. It isn't a burden its a blessing!!! 

con amor
hermana thompson

Monday, June 8, 2015


This week we had crazyyyy rainstorms. hail lightening, the works!!! we were soaking wet from the rain for many days but i love it still! hahaah i guess ther is a hurricane in mexico so we got some of that rain. 
also my companion took about an hour talking about how mexican weddings are like 6 days long...what the what. and also the traditional Guatemalan wedding! and they give left overs out. 6 days of a partying??? man. sounds tiring. 
it was pouring rain one day and all of our citas fell so we tried finding a contact that we had talked too. we actually knocked on one door and they were like come in! that never happens. so we were shocked and then remembered that we had actually contacted them before too. they were waiting for us!! it s as an amazing spiritual lesson in how god has restored his church here. she is going to pray and see if it is true. 
On sunday I was just sooo happy!! we have been working with a menos ativa since I got here...like more than 4 months ago. We passed for her one time and she said absolutely not. on saturday she said she would go with. us. and she actually did. and loved it. she told me she thinks she is sick because she is sooo excited to be here hahaah i love her!! also a menos activa family came that we have been working with! its been full of lots of blessings!!! 
Anyways, I lvoe being a missionary. its been the best roller coaster of my life!!! Never want it to end. 
Love ya all   
Hermana Thompson

1. lets play a game. i spy Hermana Thompson.. hahaahahah you cant even see my comp!! a gorup that came and we gave a tour at the temple

Cool castle in our area. i mean the floors are from england so its pretty cool