Monday, April 27, 2015


Doing splits in Mono and the taller you are the heavier water jug they give you.

It's so much heavier than it looks!

Lidia made me sit down because I was so much taller than her.

Lidias baptism

Lidias Baptism

Well this week was one full of exhaustion!! i will be spending the rest of my pday in a nice long nap. So we had divisions this week and i went to Momos. its probaly about and houra nd a half on bus but im used to the bus rides form xela. I ended up carrying a giant water bucket on my head up a mountain, and because i was the tallest of them all, i was given the biggest bucket. oh boy. its a lottttt heavier than it looks. A lot of people have to do that just to have fresh water. We also taught in english and it was sooooo hard. I dont htink that the gospel in english is gonna happen for me anymore. It was for a lady from the peace core, it was the first time i had seen an ipad in a very long time hahaha. 

So i got home friday morning when we get a call from Lidia, the investigator who got thrown out of her house just for her beliefs, and she wanted us to come over. So we ran over after giving the Elders some baptism clothes they needed. She then told us that she wanted to get baptized the next day!!! On tuesday we had planned to give her a lesson on tithingin to finish all the lessons, but we started talking about her fear of being baptized because she thought it would break up her family. We were suprised to even talk about this, but the spirit had his reason. it helped her make her decision. So we had to rush to finish the lessons, organizee and itnerview, go back and get the clothes we lent out, and set up a hwole baptism service. For lidia, i would do anything. After she was baptized we were helped her with something and she was know why i am so happpy...because i started a new life today. I felt the spirit testify through me as i told her that she will be able to start over every week as she participates int eh sacrament and renew her covenants. Never ever forget about your baptism and how you felt after, because really thats what we get to feel every sunday. WE got to church to learn btu most importantly renew these special promises with God. I am so grateful for the blessing to repent every single day!!!! 

have a great week!!! 
Hermana Thompson
Lidias Baptism

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hermana Thompson: por fin. I saw a quetzal

So i forgot to mention something...cause you know i am serving in Quetzaltenango so i expected to see this bird somewhere. but it doesnt live here!!! what...but
we wandered into a super lame museum the other pday and it had a stuffed quetzal! maybe it wasnt alive and i saw it. then i had some random bowls from the time bef
ore Christ and a ill just assume its of Nephi and his utensils. ya?? 

Anyways..we had a goal to get 70 contacts in the street this week and with the help of the lord we were able to do it! It was around 8 and we were knocking doors and as normal people were just I have a religion seee yaa...but this lady opened, we said our names, and she said pasen adelante. we looked at each other shocked cause this never ever happens! 

Turns out she and her family were best friends with elders about four years ago, but never wanted to hear the message. her husbaand passed away about six months ago, so maybe th lord has prepared her for us! The Lord really does prepare people! For example, we met a lady named Esperanza. Her dad was a member and always had a smile on his face!!! He was such an example of the happiness that this gospel brings that she knows that this gospel is where the happiness is from! She is so great and just wants to learn more and more!! We dont need to preach all the time...we can show our love and testimony through our example. hows your example??

Friday, April 17, 2015

I hate Mangos....but everyone loves them here!

Paublo got baptized in Hue Hue!

The nativities here are awesome!

Centro Paque in Xela

Guatemala has ruined my feet and my legs....whoops, lets pray for a miracle!

A cool street

I love to see the Temple!

A local volcanoe

We helped in a primary activity and taught primary kids how to be missionaries

A cute little roof top restaurant for P-Day... Food just ok. but the view was great!


Someone save me!! i hate mangos and its mango season....they are everywhere!! hahaahah 

So i figured that getting a new comp would mean that the miracles might be different or might just stop. but let me tell you all...they just keep on coming!1 Wow i have never been so grateful. 

Okay fist and foremost. 
Pablo, a kid who has 13 years and is in my first area, who had a date to be baptized but couldnt get the permission. every sunday in huehue he was always sitting right next to me! WEll i receieved a picture from a member out there that he was baptized!! FINALLY! soooo grateful!! my heart was seriously full of joy!! 
Next, we had an investigator named Lidia who I mentioned a while ago. We had to stop teaching her because he family is super catholic and didnt want anything. She went to a catholic camp to please them, but still didny share their same faith. So, the Mom kicked her out of her house and she is living with a member right now. She got kicked out of her house for he testimony, and she refuses to deny it. She even shared this testimony at church with us on sunday. She is such an example of true faith to me!!!! She loves her family, but cant deny what the Holy Ghost has testified to her. 

Now, I told a story about a young couple, Martha and Fernando who called us one night asking to be baptied. They had dissapeared for about a month, but called us on Friday asking for an appointment! Well, they have a baptism date fo may!! They didnt come to church the next day but got a text from them saying that they went to a different ward because it was close to them at the moment, they said they loved it and are going to tell all their family this weeek that they are going to be memebers!!!! WOW!!! 
We also got to help in a primary activity this week and help little kids learn how to be a missionary! it reminded me that i prepared all my life for these short 18 months. i need to use them wisely!! 
speaking of time. i completed 10 months this week. im in shock . the time just flysssss by!!
I also had divisions this week with hna sainsbury who i shared a chapel with in huehue for 6 months so it was fun to be with her!

Attached is a picuter of pablos baptism. i wasnt able to go, but i am so gateful that he finally got to be baptized!!!!

Love you alll 
Hermana Thompson

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gracias a que El Vive

Well, i have a new companion! she is Hermana Percino from Mexico and is great!! she doestn like to joke around a lot and takes my sarcasm seriously (she thought i was actually from mexico, then i said i was actually from germany, had her going for awhile). but she got me back by saying a pic she had was of her son. and it was just her nephew. Yes, she is still half my size. i shouldnt even be surprised anymore. She has 4 months and cme in the same group as the sister i trained and my last comp. 
So here, they dont celebrate april fools day. But the secretaries do. they happily called me saying i have emergency changes. but then they expressed their love for april fools day so it didnt really happen. 
Thgis week was semana santa and everyone just dissapears to go to the beach during this week. everyone just gave us tons and tons of bread....happy semana santa!! 
So with conference we also had miracles!!! 
Miriam, a mom of a new born baby and isnt married, came to the first session of conference. She has had a really hard life, but felt like the apostoles were talking just for her. We are excited to keep working with her!!!! 
So a man came in and some missionaries invited him, but we dont know who. So this mans brother was a member and died about 20 years ago. a year after this man went to his brothers house and founda book of mormon. He dusted it off and oppened to Alma 28. This is a chapter after one of the worst wars and how the people were morning for the death of their loved ones. in verse 12 it talks about the comfort these people felt knowing that their loved ones were going to live with God. From that day, he knew the book of mromon was true. He could just never come to church or meet the missionaries because his wife is super catholic. But he wants it now and we will be teaching him this week!! Its so great how we can be comforted by the promises of eternal life. 
I just loved conference with all my heart and recieved soo much comfort. I loved the talk by Wilford W. Anderson where he said that i can teach you to dance, but you need to hear the music. For example, its like you pull up next to a car and the poeple are dancing, but you cant hear the music. Looks pretty weird right?? Well, lets just say the mormons are the people in the car dancing and the rest of the world thinks we are crazy. we are different, we dont drink coffee, we dont go out on sundays. but why?? i could give you a hundred reasons. But really the people cant just hear the music. The music is the spirit. To understand why we do the things we do, you have to understand the Plan of Happiness that He has given us. The plan of salvation answers the questions of where we come from, why are we here, and where we are going. Because we know these answers clearly, we also know what we need to do to here on this earth to reach the most happiness. the center of this plan is Jesus Christ and His sacrafice for us. During theis easter season, we need to realize that God sent his own son, Jesus Christ, to die for our imperfections. He ressurected so we can have the same blessings of eternal life. We are sharing this video and its so powerful. watch it. its great. meet with the missionaries and come hear the music. If you dont have a testimony of these things, start from the basics. Build your foundation on Jesus Crhist and you will never fall. 

have a great week!! 
hermana thompson 

My new smiling companion from Mexico, Hermana Percino

Some of the sites in Quetzaltenango

My old zone

A sweet lady in our ward; I told her to make a funny face