Monday, October 26, 2015

OCTOBER 26, 2015 - HOLA

Ya i wish there was another word for hey here, but only hola!!! or Buena’s dias but ya okay moving one. 
so i was soooooooo sure that i was staying in my new area. I just got here 6 weeks ago!!! My comp was called to train a new sister so I assumed she would leave and open an area. She took pictures with the members and said bye to all of them. i told them i was probably staying so not to worry. well. the lord is probably laughing because I have changes hahaa after all of that! she will be staying and I’m going to another part of Huehue. SAd day. but im excited!! Now we are Hermana leaders over 12 Hermana’s!! we had 6 before so im pretty stressed hahah but I’m excited to get to know a new area! my new companion is from Peru and has about 7 months in the mission I believe. We have changes tomorrow. But i have officially started my last change in the mission. 6 weeks to loose the world and find a family to take to the temple!!

So in Bougambilias...where i was before this area...we found a family and
were teaching them. I just discovered that they are progressing and came to church!! IM so excited!! And the menosactiva from bougambiliias that we helped reactivate has a calling and everything!!! Its the best feeling to see the fruits of the work of the Lord. I am so grateful!!
We have a baptism in two weeks that I don’t get to see, of Manuel who i told you about last week. I’m bummed i wont be there but I know that he is truly a changed man! He is a different person!! its amazing to see how the gospel changes people. 

I was reading in Alma 37 this morning. It was so great! It talked about how when Lehi and his family were using the Liahona, it stopped working when they lost their faith and diligence. I need to keep my faith and diligence if I want to see the work of the Lord in this last change. I am soo excited and grateful to represent the Lord and His church. We need to always be faithful and diligent in the things of the Lord if we want to see the blessings.

Love you all 
Hermana Thompson





OCTOBER 19, 2015 - The Miracles of the Book of Mormon

Well this week was a great one!!!

We went with an old investigator and she came out without a shirt on. at least she had something cause the next lady came out completely topless. ya the natives here don’t have any embarrassment hahahaah. 

But we have an investigator named Luz. We have been teaching her for awhile but she hasn’t gotten an answer. We had a lesson about the Holy Ghost and how we can recognize the answers. We decided to read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon right there in the lesson. It was amazing. We kneeled down and asked her to offer the prayer. She then prayed, in her head but that’s okay, and for about 5 minutes we were kneeling and the spirit was SIOOOO powerful. Everything was silent. We couldn’t even hear the little kids. it was amazing. we asked her how she felt. she said as she started her prayer her heart was racing then was filled with an immediate peace. Thats the spirit. She knows that the book of Mormon is the word of God. 

We have another investigator Manuel who prayed about where to go to church and dreamed about the Mormon church. He was soo prepared. He was an alcoholic and everything, but he has been reading the book of Mormon every morning, and he feels like his load is lighter. he feels so much more happiness in his life. he is a changed person. He is truly amazing! Little by little he will be able to be baptized. But he is so prepared!!!


I am just so determined to give everything to Him in these last weeks. My president said i have 7 weeks left to loose the world and find one more family to bring to His fold. With lots of Faith, anything can happen. 

Thanks for all your support!!!
love always 
the chapina 

Hermana Thompson

OCTOBER 12, 2015 - Miss the Bus Rides


This week was a long and tiring one but i am still lovin it all!! some people think that it might get easier with time, but no. we are always growing and learning something new!! i love it}!!

So on Tuesday we took the lovely 3 hour bus ride to xela for our leaders meeting. President was mostly talking about how we need to love God more. If we don’t love Him. Nothing else will work. He talked about Kirtland and how there was a school of prophets there. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go there?? Well we all just did. during general conference. I hope you all apply these things to your life so we can become Disciples of Christ!!!

So on Sunday i was fasting for something specific. I was fasting to find just one more person who is prepared to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. A couple hours after we finished we saw an investigator named Manuel. He had a dream that our church is the church where he would find happiness. So he started going. He has been insanely busy and couldn’t find him. He has soo many questions and they all are answered with the lessons we teach. last night in the street he began to cry. just cry because he feels like he will never be ready and is too much of a sinner to be baptized. He just wants to change his life so bad but Satan is putting soo much in his way. He realized that He is ready to change and wants to get baptized. the lesson was such a powerful one with the spirit sooo strong!!! We explained that we are all sinners, that’s how we have progressed in this  life and that’s why he sent His son Jesus Christ, so that we can all repent. Once we repent, he doesn’t remember them. but we need to have faith in all of it. Our future is as bright as our faith. It was crazy to see that this prepared person was already found. The Lord wants us to concentrate on Manuel and help him through this. 
I am so grateful for the atonement in my life. I testify that He always forgives us. 

love always 
con mucho amor

Hermana thompson



OCTOBER 5TH 2015 - Trip to the Ruins again with Huehue central Zona!

i don’t have a lot of time. whoops!!

Lets just start by testifying that the lord puts people in our path. at around 820 a lady was crying with her kids. turns out to be an old investigator. They gave them a day to move out of there house and they ahd no way of moving everything. that night we helped get the stove over and then the next day we got a member with a truck to help the rest. She is a single mom who was doing everything she could to help her kids. Reminds me of my amazing mom. quick thought i loveddd the talk form Holland about the Moms. its true. my mom has helped me through everything. 

This lady was crying she was so grateful. we even got all muddy pulling the truck out of the mud. it was all great in a skirt! haahah 
But she was so grateful and i didn’t feel worthy of all o her thankfulness. she really is an amazing person and i think this softened her heart to hear the gospel. we shall see how it goes. 

This conference was amazing. we have a lot of improving to do if we want to win this war that began in the prexestencia. We have the Lord on our side and we must keep going!


hermana thompson


SEPTEMBER 28TH - Walking in Waterfalls


So just like last year in Hue Hue it rains all day every dayyy!!! 
loving it. my area is full of hills so we get some nice waterfalls every time it rains. just getting my shoes wet all that iem. haha i love it" 
So we had zone conference this week.

President put a great analogy to play that i love. Imagine that you are on a beach and you can see that a tsunami is comin!! You have 1 hour to warn everyone and get everyone prepared. You can’t warn everyone alone, you need other people. We are in the final hour of this dispensation before Jesus Christ comes again. What are we doing to prepare?? are we warning people?? Sharing the gospel?? There are only a couple of missionaries in your ward and they cant warn everyone. If we are going to help the Lord in His work, we need to work together. This isn’t the work of missionaries. Its the work of of the Lord and this is how he wants it. 
We also talked a lot about family history work. Do you feel the spirit when you talk about your family?? its because of the spirit of Elias. Its the holy ghost testifying of the importance of the family. We had a great lesson with a kind of active member. We were greatly impressed to talk about temples. Turns out her sister died about 2 years ago and she hasn’t done the work for her yet she has had many dreams about her. She is going to work on eativating so that she can work on going to the temple to do the work for her sister! i love the plan of salvation. 

So the lights went out this week. We called dominoes to see if it was out all over huehue. it wasnt so we ordered food. hahahah 

Anyways that’s it for this week!!! 
love serving the lord!

con amor 

hermana thompson