Monday, October 26, 2015

SEPTEMBER 28TH - Walking in Waterfalls


So just like last year in Hue Hue it rains all day every dayyy!!! 
loving it. my area is full of hills so we get some nice waterfalls every time it rains. just getting my shoes wet all that iem. haha i love it" 
So we had zone conference this week.

President put a great analogy to play that i love. Imagine that you are on a beach and you can see that a tsunami is comin!! You have 1 hour to warn everyone and get everyone prepared. You can’t warn everyone alone, you need other people. We are in the final hour of this dispensation before Jesus Christ comes again. What are we doing to prepare?? are we warning people?? Sharing the gospel?? There are only a couple of missionaries in your ward and they cant warn everyone. If we are going to help the Lord in His work, we need to work together. This isn’t the work of missionaries. Its the work of of the Lord and this is how he wants it. 
We also talked a lot about family history work. Do you feel the spirit when you talk about your family?? its because of the spirit of Elias. Its the holy ghost testifying of the importance of the family. We had a great lesson with a kind of active member. We were greatly impressed to talk about temples. Turns out her sister died about 2 years ago and she hasn’t done the work for her yet she has had many dreams about her. She is going to work on eativating so that she can work on going to the temple to do the work for her sister! i love the plan of salvation. 

So the lights went out this week. We called dominoes to see if it was out all over huehue. it wasnt so we ordered food. hahahah 

Anyways that’s it for this week!!! 
love serving the lord!

con amor 

hermana thompson



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