Monday, October 26, 2015

SEPTEMBER 21ST 2015 - The Mosquitos Missed Me


Well, I have returned to Huehue! I am not in the same area, but I am in the same zone. Now I’m the Hermana Leader of Las Flores, my first area, so I get to do divisions there! SO EXCITED!!! I was able to see some old members from Las Flores on Sunday so that was exciting! 

So I am in a place called Cerrito de Maiz and its just full of hills. I love it! 

The mosquitos missed me and are already biting! i didnt send a pic of my legs because i didn’t want to scare anyone hahaah. But its nice and hot here where in xela its nice and cold. i love the heat here because it like California heat! hahah 

My companion is Hermana Rodriguez from Honduras. she’s my third comp from honduras. i love her! we came to the mission together so its fun to be together again! 

So i missed my 3 hour bus rides...not! hahah but that’s okay! this means i will probably finish here and in the end i will have 11 months here in huehue!! love hue hue!

love you all 
have a great week!

Hermana Thompson


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