Monday, October 26, 2015

OCTOBER 12, 2015 - Miss the Bus Rides


This week was a long and tiring one but i am still lovin it all!! some people think that it might get easier with time, but no. we are always growing and learning something new!! i love it}!!

So on Tuesday we took the lovely 3 hour bus ride to xela for our leaders meeting. President was mostly talking about how we need to love God more. If we don’t love Him. Nothing else will work. He talked about Kirtland and how there was a school of prophets there. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go there?? Well we all just did. during general conference. I hope you all apply these things to your life so we can become Disciples of Christ!!!

So on Sunday i was fasting for something specific. I was fasting to find just one more person who is prepared to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. A couple hours after we finished we saw an investigator named Manuel. He had a dream that our church is the church where he would find happiness. So he started going. He has been insanely busy and couldn’t find him. He has soo many questions and they all are answered with the lessons we teach. last night in the street he began to cry. just cry because he feels like he will never be ready and is too much of a sinner to be baptized. He just wants to change his life so bad but Satan is putting soo much in his way. He realized that He is ready to change and wants to get baptized. the lesson was such a powerful one with the spirit sooo strong!!! We explained that we are all sinners, that’s how we have progressed in this  life and that’s why he sent His son Jesus Christ, so that we can all repent. Once we repent, he doesn’t remember them. but we need to have faith in all of it. Our future is as bright as our faith. It was crazy to see that this prepared person was already found. The Lord wants us to concentrate on Manuel and help him through this. 
I am so grateful for the atonement in my life. I testify that He always forgives us. 

love always 
con mucho amor

Hermana thompson



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