Monday, August 31, 2015


AUGUST 31, 2015

WEll this week was an adventure!!! 
First and we hiked a volcanoe! it was pretty legit. We went in these pick up trucks with seats in the back to go up. then climbed a lot. a lto. then went down about 300 stairs to the laguna. it was foggy but so worth it. we then had to climb up those stairs. that wasnt as fun...but we did it!! it was lietally indiana jones ride in the pick up truck. so much fun. 

THIS IS Laguna Chicabal, a sacred place to the Mayan/Mam people. It's surrounded by a mystic cloud forest.

Anyways. this week i was able to see some tender mercies from the lord. We did divisions with Los Arcos, my old area. A week before we left I knocked on a door and the daughter said her mom was a member and to come back later. I had changes so i never knew what happened. Well, turns out the Mom was a less active member and has now been going to church. Just from knocking on a door we were able to help someone. 

We have been working with a less active here named Astrid. She was stuck between two churches and honestly we didnt think she would want to come to church with us. Her mom has been praying that she would come back to the Mormon church and evrything lined up so that could happen. She told us tht she wants to come back! it was such a miracle. 

I have lots to share, but not a lot of time because of our hike. 
but i love you all!
Hermana Thompson


AUGUST 24TH, 2015


Just wanted to start out by expressing the great love I had for Connie, my stepdads Mom. I only knew her for a couple of years but she is such a genuine amazing person who always put others first. She is such an amazing example to me. The most comforting thought is knowing that she is with her sweathart again. I must testify that the plan of salvation is a plan of happiness. She is in peace and happiness right now and is out of pain. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. 

This week was great! We did two divisinos this week. In one of them I discovered that my comp got our phone stolen. But thats okay. We also did divisions with Hermana Loo who i came to the mission with. We discovered that we actually lived the same exact life before the mission. The exact same. We even were at the same bball tournaments at the same time. hahaha shes so great. 

A lot of the members have been helping us a lot this week. We have been really trying hard to work more with consejo de barrio this week and its made a huge difference. It really testifies to me that the church is a church of order. Its exactly how God wants his church. Just as he prepared it in the new testament, we have a jesus christ at the head who is talkign to a prophet of god and his 12 apostoles. From there, its all organized the same way. What a great blessing. 

So President Russel M. Nelson WAS going to come on tuesday, but canceled. we watched a broadcast of him talking to the missionaries in honduras. it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad. I wanted to seee him but thats okay. It was a great talk and we learned a lot. He truly is an apostle of God. 
Anyways, that was my week. We played some volleyball today adn im gonna go sleep. 
have a fabulous week!!!

Hermana Thompson


AUGUST 17, 2015

This wek. I learned a valuable lesson. A member was talkigna bout Pinatas and how she doesnt understand why we would buy a pinata of a character we like and then hit it. so for her sons bday, he dressed up as spiderman and the pinatas were his enemies. valuable lessons! but i actually learned a lot this week. 

We havent really had anything great happen with any investigadors. We are just givin it all we got until we find that one prepared person. 

We had Leaders Meeting with president and he said something that i love. The mission is a school for 18 months with Jesus Christ as the teacher. Its been the best, hardest school of my life and i have learned things that I will keep for the eternity! 
There was a member here whose father passed away awhile ago. She had the work in the temple done for him and that night she had a dream that he was waiting in a dark room with tons of people, just waiting for his name to be called. It was called and he entered a world of happiness. Remembe rhow important the temple work is!!! These people are waiting for us! 

Anyways, I lve you all!!!! 
keep up the hard work!!! 
love ya 
Hermana thompson

ps one of the 12 apostoles is coming in 2 weeks!! and we are going to the temple!!! 


AUGUST 10TH, 2015


so lets just get the cat out of the bag. On friday night, I was in divisions. a brand New Hermana from Mexico was with me, she had 4 days in the mission. At around 730 she falls because of uneven pavement...everyone thinks i pushed her but i promise i didnt jaja...and she fell and her ankle blew up in like 2 minutes. we went to the chaple and a member whose a doctor looked at it and knew it was fractured. So we went to the general hospital emergency room. OH MY GOSH. It was soo scary. Blood on the curtains, people in all sides, people almost dying. My heart sank. Everything was extremely dirty and the lights were even flickering. I thought that i was in a haunted mansion. Also, it doesnt help that im the only tall white girl, so everyone stares at me. hahah whoops!! But ya she got a nice white cast put on. The one thing that gave me a lot of comfort is she was put in a wheel chair and on the back it said La Iglesis de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias. So turns out the church has donated a lot to this hospital.  It made me really grateful to be representing a church that is truly looking at the needs of the people. 

Anyways, that was the exciting moment of the week. I realized that the Lord helps us in different ways. I am so very grateful for this opportunity to be able to grow a better relationship with my Savior. We need to look at life from an eternal perspective if we want the true happiness. 
love you all

Hermana Thompson


AUGUST 3, 2015

Wow this week turned upside down!!! we first we tried making flour tortillas when i was on divisions with hna bingham and well...they fell on the floor. followed by me falling on my face as we walked out of our house in the morning. yaaaa the mission. 
so we havent had anything. i feel like we have a bunch of first dates with people,, well first lessons, and then we go back and no one wants us. ughhh. we reactivated a lady who was inactive from her onw church for 8 years. well she reactivated to her old church. at least we tried ya??

But the lord blessed us. We are now teach 4 complete families. one we found on the street and he said...what do you guys teach?? cause i need to know where the truth is. im confused by all the chruches. we shared the restoration with them and it was sooo great!!! even their pet pigs were listening. and the chicken that made his home my backpack. whoops.
Another was a reference from a member. but the member told us that he is not sure where he lives and he was going to find out. we were teaching someone who lives across the street from us but we found her dad one day. well turns out he was the reference. we taught lesson 1 with him and his wife and he LVOED IT. he is going to read and pray and hes sooo pilas!! somethign that changed for him was an example of a memeber. he said well i know this memeber and he is sooo chill and has no problems. he doesnt drink, has a gerat job, adn a great family. remember that everyone is an example, adn that people are watching. this meember is so excited to work with him as well. 

We have any more  miracles, but i dnt have a lot of time!
we have changes tomorro0w and i will recieve a new hermana leader who i will hve to train. im so excited though!!!

love you all 
hermana thompson



July 27th

So this week. everything kind of fell..but thats okay because the Lord had another plan for us. We got to teach Jessy and we taught her how Jesus Christ has restored His church here on earth again and she asked, wait its really here??? She is so excited to learn more and find out for hersefl!!! WE are sooo exxcited to teach her. We also found Rosa and Ronny, a cute little family. We shared the restoration with them as well and he loved it!! He said he is excited to find the path of God and is going to ask to know!!

Sometimes, well most of the time, life doesnt go as planned. But there is always a reason. We need to realize that because of Him, we will live. If we rely on Him, there is nothing that can kill us ever. We will be able to live in happiness and joy forever. 

So all our citas fell, we dont have any progressing investigadors, but im not gonna die. and it can only get better!!! We will always have dissapointments, but they just make us stronger and stronger. We just need to do it in the way that He wants. Like in 1 Nephi17, Nephi needed to make the boat how the Lord wanted, if he wanted the success. WE need to do the things the Lord wants it to have eternal life and happiness. 
con amor, 
Hermana Thompson



well this week was nice and wet!!!! a la gran...every day it ours rain and if we are outside...well we might as well have jumped into the pool...but its pretty great!!! also, people dont walk their dogs here, they walk there cows. and the other n9ight i was sittin gon my bed and i heard my comp scream...she got scared from her reflection int eh window. happens to the best of us ya??

So we were on divisions this wednesday when the secretaries texted to say there was an emergency and i was the one who stayed in our area. long story short we got put in anotherrrr trio (fifth trio of the mission...partttayyyy...but i promise its not cause i was introuble) haha. so my companion came back the next day and we were in a trio for a little bit. it was fun! now its just us two again and its still great! 

We were able to find a lot of great investigadors. One is named Jennifer who lives alone with her two boys. her husband cmoes every 6 months because he works int eh States, but she is looking to find God. We taught about the restoration and the spirit was so strong!!! We are teaching her and her 11 year old son and im excited to see where it goes!!

I was thinking a lot about prayers this week. What are you aking in your prayers?? is it the same thing every day?? if i told you the same thing in every would be pretty boring...remember that heavenly father is our father. He loves us and is waiting for us to tell Him everything adn ask for His help. I was reading a lot in the Book of Mormon about how we can give all f our strength, but if we never ask for His help, we will never win in the end. We have a Father who loves us and is doing everything He can so we can obtain the joy.