Monday, August 31, 2015


AUGUST 10TH, 2015


so lets just get the cat out of the bag. On friday night, I was in divisions. a brand New Hermana from Mexico was with me, she had 4 days in the mission. At around 730 she falls because of uneven pavement...everyone thinks i pushed her but i promise i didnt jaja...and she fell and her ankle blew up in like 2 minutes. we went to the chaple and a member whose a doctor looked at it and knew it was fractured. So we went to the general hospital emergency room. OH MY GOSH. It was soo scary. Blood on the curtains, people in all sides, people almost dying. My heart sank. Everything was extremely dirty and the lights were even flickering. I thought that i was in a haunted mansion. Also, it doesnt help that im the only tall white girl, so everyone stares at me. hahah whoops!! But ya she got a nice white cast put on. The one thing that gave me a lot of comfort is she was put in a wheel chair and on the back it said La Iglesis de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias. So turns out the church has donated a lot to this hospital.  It made me really grateful to be representing a church that is truly looking at the needs of the people. 

Anyways, that was the exciting moment of the week. I realized that the Lord helps us in different ways. I am so very grateful for this opportunity to be able to grow a better relationship with my Savior. We need to look at life from an eternal perspective if we want the true happiness. 
love you all

Hermana Thompson

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