Monday, August 31, 2015


AUGUST 17, 2015

This wek. I learned a valuable lesson. A member was talkigna bout Pinatas and how she doesnt understand why we would buy a pinata of a character we like and then hit it. so for her sons bday, he dressed up as spiderman and the pinatas were his enemies. valuable lessons! but i actually learned a lot this week. 

We havent really had anything great happen with any investigadors. We are just givin it all we got until we find that one prepared person. 

We had Leaders Meeting with president and he said something that i love. The mission is a school for 18 months with Jesus Christ as the teacher. Its been the best, hardest school of my life and i have learned things that I will keep for the eternity! 
There was a member here whose father passed away awhile ago. She had the work in the temple done for him and that night she had a dream that he was waiting in a dark room with tons of people, just waiting for his name to be called. It was called and he entered a world of happiness. Remembe rhow important the temple work is!!! These people are waiting for us! 

Anyways, I lve you all!!!! 
keep up the hard work!!! 
love ya 
Hermana thompson

ps one of the 12 apostoles is coming in 2 weeks!! and we are going to the temple!!! 

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