Monday, August 31, 2015


AUGUST 24TH, 2015


Just wanted to start out by expressing the great love I had for Connie, my stepdads Mom. I only knew her for a couple of years but she is such a genuine amazing person who always put others first. She is such an amazing example to me. The most comforting thought is knowing that she is with her sweathart again. I must testify that the plan of salvation is a plan of happiness. She is in peace and happiness right now and is out of pain. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. 

This week was great! We did two divisinos this week. In one of them I discovered that my comp got our phone stolen. But thats okay. We also did divisions with Hermana Loo who i came to the mission with. We discovered that we actually lived the same exact life before the mission. The exact same. We even were at the same bball tournaments at the same time. hahaha shes so great. 

A lot of the members have been helping us a lot this week. We have been really trying hard to work more with consejo de barrio this week and its made a huge difference. It really testifies to me that the church is a church of order. Its exactly how God wants his church. Just as he prepared it in the new testament, we have a jesus christ at the head who is talkign to a prophet of god and his 12 apostoles. From there, its all organized the same way. What a great blessing. 

So President Russel M. Nelson WAS going to come on tuesday, but canceled. we watched a broadcast of him talking to the missionaries in honduras. it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad. I wanted to seee him but thats okay. It was a great talk and we learned a lot. He truly is an apostle of God. 
Anyways, that was my week. We played some volleyball today adn im gonna go sleep. 
have a fabulous week!!!

Hermana Thompson

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