Monday, January 26, 2015


 So every week is entertaining!! Right now we dont really have anyone progressing and are just trying to find those people who are prepared and waiting for the gospel in their life.

 On Thursday, a lady started yelling at us and telling us we were crazy and that only she was a daughter of god and lots and lots of stuff. It just was really sad. We can only share our testimony and invite them to read the Book fo Mormon to know for themselves. But people are always too quick to judge and dont want to read anything and just want to stay with what they know. We cant know something is true unless we read and act on our faith!!
 We actually found some really great people, but with our luck, they moved away too! haha Its all good though we are learning a lot!
 Well, when i was being trained my companion told me that I wasnt truly a missionary here unless I went to the bathroom in my pants. WEll, long story short. I'm a true missionary now!!! I have no shame to admit it hahaha. I have heard from many Hermanas that this has happened, its just all part of the experience. My companion and I have been sick which is never fun on the mission, but we are all good now!!
 A year ago I opened my mission call from the First Presidency saying that I would be serving here. I didnt even picture where I would be a year ago. I am so beyond greatful for this amazing opportunity and the amazing love I have felt from the people here!!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission and I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for me next!!

Hermana Thompson

Dear Friends and family, it will be clear after reading this that I do not edit Hermana Thompson's letters.  But I thought about it....
Hermana Thompson's Mom

Monday, January 19, 2015

HOLA.. God has a sense of humor

January 19th, 2015

Como estan??? 

Well, this week God had quite a sense of humor!! All of our progressing investigators moved way, include our recent convert Carlos. Luckily he is assisting the church there in Coban and talking to the missionaries, but its sad!  We spent most of our week contacting and trying to find new people to teach! 

I actually love contacting because it makes me feel like I m closer and closer to the people who are ready to hear this gospel. 
It also leads to funnier experiences. I was talking on the phone with a member when this car speeds down the road and slams on his brakes. He quickly backs up, almost hits us and starts yelling helloooo. He was very drunk, but it was pretty funnny. Then we were walking and a drunk man tried to come and touch me. Then another drunk man started yelling at us about someone stealing his wife. Not gonna lie, these were pretty funny experiences.  

We al so had the opportunity to work with a menosavtiva  (less active church member)  Elisa. She is the cutest person I have ever met and has truly realized that there is something missing in her life. She wants to come back to the church, but is embarressed to pray and come back. We should never have fear of the Lord. He is loving and merciful. He loves us and will do anything to help us. I am excited to work with her!! Her spirit is so special!! 
Something I loved studying this week was Helamen 5 12. Well I hope thats the verse. Its about how we need to be built upon the rock of Christ. If our life is built upon Christ, we will have the most joy we will ever have in the mortal life. WE just need to accept him.
Love you ! 
Hermana Thompson 

Some things never

January 12th, 2015 - 7 months. Best week of my mission!

Hey all!! 
Can you believe I already have 7 months?? I still feel like a new person!! 
Well this week was just one big miracle!! We spent most of it helping Carlos prepare fo his baptism. We found out that he couldnt come to church the following sunday after his baptism because he was going to Coban to take some exams for the week. We got permission so he could be confirmed on thursday and have his baptism. 
His baptism was truly the most amazing experience! His Mom and stepdad came and really seemed to love it! over 60 members came!!! We had so much support for Carlos and it was just an amazing blessing to be apart of. I had never seen him smile more than after his baptism! He feels like a different person. 
I have never felt such joy from a baptism before. My heart was filled with love and gratitude for our Savior who made this all possible. I understand now how the Sons of Mosiah felt when they helped bring some souls unto Christ. The amazig love and spirit I have felt this week is unreal. 
We talked to Carlos in the afternoon on sunday and he told us he went and founda  Mormon church to go to that morning with his Grandma! He is already sharing this joy with the people he loves. 
He is nineteen years old and the goal is that he will be serving a mission in one short year!!! Pablo will get baptized in April because thats the soonest his Mom will give permission, but there is always a reason!! 
On Thursday during the day we had to go to Xela for a meeting for my comp because she is new. I recieved a letter from my Moms old friend who told me that she was introduced to this church because of my Mom and how grateful she was for my Moms example in her life. Now she has a son serving a mission and one preparing and has the restored gospel in her life. We dont need a missionary badge to change lives, Ive never read a scripture about it. 
I love you all so much. 
The book of mormon is so powerful. Read it. It will change your life. 
Hermana Thompson


Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Wow I cant even begin to explain how amazing my week is!!! 
For new years, its the same as Christmas! We helped a member make tamales and ponche and watched fireworks from every corner at midnight! it was amazing! happy new year! i am truly loving the new year not gonna lie. could not b more grateful! 
Well, about a month ago we were told that a members son and his wife (who isnt a member) is coming up and she wants to get baptized! she was working with the Hermanas in Guate so we just finished it all up and it was amazing to be part of her conversion process! She will be sealed with her husband for the eternity in a year from now. the joy in her face after her baptism was unreal and something I will never forget. 
Miracle number 2 (well we have millions of miracles but these have been the most life changing) 
Our baptism that fell about a month ago, Pablo, fell because his Mom wouldn't give him permission and hes only 13. But they still come to church an everything. His older brother, Carlos is 18 years old and when we first met him he didn't believe in God. Pablo and Carlos are brothers of Carmen, who we were teaching first but who knows where she is now, pablo and carlos never really wanted anything in the beginning but they were always in the room when we taught carmen. Well we gave carlos and pablo a book of mormon and they are both in 2 nephi. We have been teaching Carlos and Pablo and they have just grown so much! Carlos told us that as he was reading he realized that he was like Laman and Lemuel and his heart was closed to God. He decided to pray and ask. He now believes in God and is getting baptized this Thursday!!! Just from reading the Book of Mormon and praying,his heart completely changed from not believing in God to believing in him! such an amazing miracle and im so blessed to be part of this experience!!! It all started from sitting in some puke in a bus and now I have seen the power of the Book of Mormon in someone's life. The Book of Mormon is the most amazing thing i have ever read. Every time I read I am filled with such a joy and I am so happy to see this joy in Carlos and Pablo. 

The Book of Mormon changes lifes every day if we let it. Share this book with the world and let them havethis joy too. 
I have never been so happy to be a missionary!!! 
7 months in my misson is almost complete and Ive been in the same area the whole time but i know why because I have been able to see uch a growth and love in these months. I was just notified that I have 6 more weeks here and I couldnt be happier! 

Share these blessings with the world. 
love always
Hermana Thompson

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hola and Merry Christmas from Huehuetenango

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, I know i did!!!! 
We started out the week with singing in the parque, or the center of town, with all the missionaries 
here in Hue Hue!! it was amazing! In the center of town is wehre they sell all the souveniers, have tons of lights, and a giant Christmas treee!! The Christmas tree sings with lights and its great. its disneyland without the rides and mickey, but its as close as im gonna get here and i love it!!! haahah but it was great sining with everyone!! we even sang with the tree. 
Also, a drunk man proposed to me that night and told me he wants to go to heaven with me, so if things dont work out in the states, ive got some guatemalans waiting for me! haha 

On the 24th we helped Aura make tamales and ponche (pretty much fruit, sugar, cinnamon, and water). ive been given so much ponche im good for a year or two thats for sure hahahaah. We roasted marshmellows and woke up at midnight to watch the hundreds of fireworks!!! there are sooo many!!!! it was beautiful! we stood on the roof and watched it all. they were on every side and it was great! they arent illegal here so everyone was shooting off bigger fireworks then we see at disneyland. i was a tad bit scared but i lvoed it! we drank hot chocolate and opened presents! i had to go to guatemala so i could open my presents before christmas morning hahaahah. It was truly the best Christmas it could be without my family!!!

I realized that I have an amazing family love at home, but i also realized i have an amazing love here in guatemala. I lvoe them both and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve people here.!! 
I have also realized the amazign love our Heavenly Father had for us!!! John 3 16. he loves us so much he gave us his only son to suffer for us. Jesus Christ really is our savior, but to participate in the amazin blessings we need to really accept him. Heavenly Father gave us an amazing gift, his son Jesus Christ. 
I am so grateful to have this gospel in my life and to be servin the amazing people in Guatemala. 
love always
hermana thompson