Monday, January 26, 2015


 So every week is entertaining!! Right now we dont really have anyone progressing and are just trying to find those people who are prepared and waiting for the gospel in their life.

 On Thursday, a lady started yelling at us and telling us we were crazy and that only she was a daughter of god and lots and lots of stuff. It just was really sad. We can only share our testimony and invite them to read the Book fo Mormon to know for themselves. But people are always too quick to judge and dont want to read anything and just want to stay with what they know. We cant know something is true unless we read and act on our faith!!
 We actually found some really great people, but with our luck, they moved away too! haha Its all good though we are learning a lot!
 Well, when i was being trained my companion told me that I wasnt truly a missionary here unless I went to the bathroom in my pants. WEll, long story short. I'm a true missionary now!!! I have no shame to admit it hahaha. I have heard from many Hermanas that this has happened, its just all part of the experience. My companion and I have been sick which is never fun on the mission, but we are all good now!!
 A year ago I opened my mission call from the First Presidency saying that I would be serving here. I didnt even picture where I would be a year ago. I am so beyond greatful for this amazing opportunity and the amazing love I have felt from the people here!!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission and I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for me next!!

Hermana Thompson

Dear Friends and family, it will be clear after reading this that I do not edit Hermana Thompson's letters.  But I thought about it....
Hermana Thompson's Mom

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