Monday, February 2, 2015


so sometimes as a missionary it sounds nice to just sit in the house and sleep...but  let me tell you all that it is not fun!!! My comp was sick most of the week so we werent able to leave and i was soooooooo bored!!!! I had so much energy..partially because i recieved the amazing package from deana giles and was eating all the candyand nutella this week. whoops. i found many different things one could eat nutella with. it was great. but so worth it. BUT. I did get a lot of time to study and really read the Book of Mormon and some conference talks. 
My favorite talk is the one by President Uchtdorf called Recieving a Testimony of Light and Trusth.
He goes on to say that a personal testimony of light and truth is the most valuable thing one can have in this life. I truly testify of that. All fo our actions in life should be to help build our testimonys. Now, a testimony is based on faith. and its hard to believe what we cant see. For example go back into time adn try explaining a microwave or an iphone to the people in ancient europe. Most would ridicule or apply reason or logic for what they dont know. The arent able to see clearly because they had not yet received complete light and truth. Thats exactly how it is with the gospel. We cant really see what is going to happen in the future, but if we have faith we will know. 
Many people think that God doesnt have enough time to answer each one of us, but i testify that he does. He cares about you and he will answer your personal questions in his own way and in his own time. We just need to learn to listen to his voice and declutter our lives. 
God wants you to find your way back to him. but we need to do our part! Thats the hardest part about being a missionary is trying to get the people to do their part. We can preach all we want, but unless they pray to God and ask if im our message is true, they will never know. We need to search the words of God, consider and ponder them and strive to believe, we need to ask Heavenly Father in the Name of Christ is this is the truth, and to really verify that these gospel principals are true we need to live them. Do these things and he promises to show the truth. Use the right instruments to find the truth. instruments of man wont work in this situation. 
Mormon 9 25
and whosoever shall believe in my name, doubting nothing, unto him will i confirm all my words even unto the ends of the earth

This week was full of little miracles. When we could leave, we got to go wtiih Vanessa. She is 17 and wants to find the truth! She is truly praying and I can see her yearn to find more! We also have an investigator named Mary, who is reading and she has the desire to keep reading!! These people are doing their part and the Lord is working with them too. 
If you want to find the truth. Just ask. 

love you all!!!!! 
thanks for all the support!!!
hermana thompson 

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