Monday, February 16, 2015

me voy huehue

February 16th - out of order..

Weell...the time has come ladies and gentleman. sorry if thats not how you spell that...spanish problems. BUT. 
after 8 of the most amazing months of my life. i am leaving HueHue! I have transfers!! My first normal transfer as all of my other transfers have been an now that i have a normal one i feel like im in trouble or something haha. BUT dont you worry Im not! 
So i figured I would list 8 things I am going to miss about my home there in Las Flores, HueHuetenango. 
1. Hot Chocolate and bread with Hermana Aura when we were sad or when we were happy (i will also miss her hugs and the calls we always received to make sure we were alive) 
2. Waking up to fireworks and evangelica music at 5 am in the morning. 
3. 3 Hour bus rides squished between people who should shower more regularly
4. Seeing these peoples lives change because of the gospel 
5. The three dogs, scooby and sparky and i forgot the other name, that lived outside of my house and protected us
6. the dog that always hid and then came out to scare me every day by barking like ccrazy 
7. the rock i tripped on every day as i left the house. 
8. The amazing friends and family I have met. Las Flores I have a second family and am so grateful to be part of their lives. it was truly the most special thing in the world. 

I was in the area for awhile. but I was sooo grateful for my time. I watched peoples puppys grow to dogs, watched people begin their pregnancy and then have their little babies, discovered where all the Jehovahs Witnesses and Evangelicas lived, but most importantly I saw the gospel grow in peoples hearts. 
I have a couple of little miracles this week. 
We have a family in our ward, the Molinas. Alma Molina has a husband whose a convert and they havent been able to go to the temple because her husband hasnt been able to stay strong in the church. About a month ago he had a horrible experience with a member and decided to never ever go back to church. He had already not been assisting the church for about 4 months but Alma began to loose hope. We tried everything we could to give him suppor tfrom the ward. We made their family a sign with a couple of things they need to do to be able to go to the temple and be sealed as a family for eternity. It had a picture of the temple and things like going to church every sunday or things like that. I didnt think they would really cherish it or anything and i didn thave the chance to talk to him. As my last sunday in my ward. Who was sitting on the front row with the family?? Alma, her kids, and her husband, Jorge. I wanted to cry of joy! Alma told me later that she will be sending me an invite to the sealing as he his going to follow everything that our poster said. I was so overjoyed to see them as a family in the church!!! It was such a blessing!!! Great way to end my time there!!! 

this week was amazsing. 
Well, changes are tomorrow, so we will see where i go!!!!!
love you all

Hermana Thompson

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