Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Well...this was the most interesting week of my life. Its a good one so listen up. 
On Tuesday my companion informed me that she saw aliens the night before. Shes been a little sick so Ill accept it for now. now you all remember what it means when someone is really a missionary?? when someone has an accident?? well i promise you it happens to alllllll missionaries. and my comp made fun of me but then it happened to her. KARMA. 
Anyways. My companion, Hermana Romero (the one I was training) ended up going home this week. It was super quick, and president didnt really know what to do so he put me with the hermanas whose area is newxt to mine. I am officially sleeping on a cot made for guatemalans. aka. my feet hang off the end. but im not complaining i will only be here till next week when we have changes and we will see what happens then. 
But, the barrio prado had a ward baptism and asked for our help so we went. This was the first time I was introduced to their ward, and well as everyone was eating some cake after the baptism I puked all over the floor. Well, I can make great first impressions!!! But its all good. This ward gives us a lot of food so im not used to it. Clearly. 
So we are working two areas! Its a little challenging getting to visit everyone because we both have giant areas, but we still had a really great experience with one of my investigadors, libni. Her husband is in jail and she has two kids and has a lot of difficulties. We met her in December and had only talked to her for abut 5 minutes and she told us all of her problems. She just needed t talk. We couldnt find her for about a month but ended up finding her one day. We have been teaching her a lot and she told us she doesnt like telling her problems to anyone, but has received so much peace in her life from our visits that she feels that she can talk to us. We have seen the gospel bring this peace to her life. 
I just finished reading the Book of Mormon again, and I cant deny of how true it is. The way and map for peace in this life is written right there in the Book of Mormon. Its so simple. We need to be obedient to everything. Its hard sometimes, but its worth it. We use the bible adn the book of mormon as one. We have the restored gospel on the earth today and I am so excited to share it with everyone I meet. If we do our part and read and pray, we will be shown the truth. 
I am so grateful taht I have the opportunity to watch people change because of this gospel! Dont be afraid to share it with anyone! Every soul is great in the eyes of God. 
have a great week!!
con mucho amor, 
Hermana Thompson

My new Guatemalan length cot.  Temporary sleeping for a while.

Can't ever say I wasn't here!

I actually got to go swimming.  Checking out the depth of the font.

My Trio companions

Love these guys!
My new digs for a week or so.

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