Monday, February 23, 2015


Well. the time has come. i was transfered. Where?? the center of the mission. Xela, Los Arcos. aka where the President lives. Yes. I'm nervous. 
My comp is hermana aguilar and she is from Honduras! i absolutely love her and we have soo much fun!!!
She is half my size. She couldnt be my comp if she wasnt half my size hahah. This area is completely different, in fact im pretty sure im not in the same Guatemala i have been in for the last 8 months. 

First of all, there are no more dirt roads. they are all cobble stone and there are cars everywhere. in huehue, it was one main road and a bunch of dirt roads. Here, there are other white people. I didnt feel liek they existed in Guatemala! Which also mean i dont get as many cat calls anymore!!! I used to be the only white girl in site, now there's lots! Everyone I went in HueHue they would ask how my eyes were blue, but here, its the norm. I FIT IN!! 

So the people here have iphones, and ipads. i haven't seen those for 8 months. Teh houses here are beautiful!!! and lots of people wear the typical corte of xela, which is different than huehue. Our house is practically outside, but hey i get my own bathroom! And part of our house is a bakery owned by members so we get to eat all the bread and donuts we want when we want them. they just ring our doorbell and give us some! they are so great! 
No i will not get fat. but i make no promises. 

So this ward is different. they have about 200 people every week, where before I had about 100. 
BUT I get to work in the temple once a week!!! We get to give tours and explain why we have the temples! I LOVE IT!!! One of the recent converts, Rudy, is truly amazing. He got baptized about 2 weeks ago and his story is inspiring. He came to know the church because he always watched BYUtv. He used to watch all teh General Conferences and everything, and just loved it! One day he met the missionaries and he just knew the church was true. I have a testimony that the Lord really prepares
My new companion from Honduras, Hermana Agulara

Cobblestone streets

Herman Agulara is about 5'2"

Our new home

people to be baptized and in this case, he was prepared through the words of our living prophet. WOW. He came to the temple and was sooo grateful that he could share this joy of baptism with his parents who have already passed away. In the next couple of weeks, he will be going and doing baptisms for his family members who have already passed away. I lvoe the temple so much°! 

So we recieved a reference for an inactive name Pedro. Wow, he has been inactive for two years and didnt want anything, then we came and he just needed to hear some things about repentance. Now he knows he can be forgiven for anything and everything, and he came to church with us on sunday! He may not have been ready a year ago to come back, but he is now. 
so we have two baptisms on saturday!!   One. Andrea, super pilas 12 year old, the daughter of Rudy the recent convert. She is so smart and loves the church!!! 
The second is Manuel. He kept saying that he didnt feel prepared for baptism, but he already recieved all the lessons and we knew something just wasnt right. So we had a lesson and the spirit jsut worked through us and we found out his fears of baptism. I didnt even know him but during this lesson i felt like I have known him all my life.  We talked to him about how we aren't all perfect, thats why we have repentance. We told him to pray about the 28th of feb. On saturday he told us he is getting baptized on the 28th. what the what. 

Xela or Quetzaltenango
We live below a bakery and they feed us all the time!

Anyway, its been crazy! I have lots of fun things but it will wait till next week!!
love ya 
hna Thompson

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