Monday, March 2, 2015 Bagels


Well, everyone told me that after my first change of area the time just goes by. Well, i feel like ive been in this area for one day, and i already have two weeks!! Its going by wayyy too fast! time is precious, use it wisely!! Also, I have found bagels!! Some omish people from the states own a little bakery that has all of the treats that i miss! chocolate chip cookies, carmel corn, donut holes, and bagels!!! Ive never been so excited for a bagel! hahah who knew there were omish people in Guatemala. 
But i am still grateful for our fresh donuts next door in the morning. 
This week we got to go and do a session in the temple as a zone! Wow! i love the temple! As a mission we get to go two times a year and its already my second time going. I love the Guatemala temple, there is a special spirit about it. I know that I have an eternal family because of the power of temples and I have no fear of life after this life. I know if we are obedient, we will be with our family and friends and our father in heaven again. 
Also, the recent convert that i talked about this week, Rudy, went and did baptisms in the temple. I have never met someone so grateful for the temple! He has truly changed because of this gospel and is a light for his family! This weekend, his daughter Andrea was baptized! She easily adapted to the gospel and just seems so much happier! They will be going to the temple together on thursday to do baptisms for their family who has already passed on. 
We should always have a goal to be worthy enough to go to the tmeple. The temple is the house of the Lord and the spirit inside of it is something special that no one can find here on earth. My goal as a missionary is to help families and people make it to the house of the Lord to make these sacred covenants.This is really the house of the Lord and has changed my life forever. Its like a little peace of heaven here on earth! 
Manuel also was baptized this week! Manuel has never felt such happiness in his life and has really grown in this gospel! He does his part, he prays and reads and really asks God with all of his faith if this is the true church of Jesus Christ. 
When Joseph Smith prayed in the sacred grove it was one of his first times really praying and asking God. Carlos, the 19 year old who was baptized, didnt believe in God, but then he really prayed to God and asked him if he was there and read the book of Mormon. He recieved his answer. If we really pray with all of our heart without doubting our faith. He will answer. Its a promise that thousands of prophets have made. I testify of the true power of prayer, but we need to have the faith. He is there waiting for us! 

Have a great week
Hermana Thompson

Manual got baptized!

Andrea got baptized!
Manuel and Andrea who got baptized, and then the members Brandon and Rudy who baptized them. 

Rudy, recent convert, his daughter, Andrea who got baptized, and his son Pablo

Quetzaltenango Temple

My zone got to go to the temple today.

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