Monday, March 30, 2015

The Lord is raining blessings and water


Wow what a week!! it went by soo fast!!! it seems like the time just goes faster and faster, i just need a pause button really!!! So right now, its mango season. And mangos and I dont really do very well together...its unfortunate...but its life. I am suffering with a smile. Also, everyone is giving us bread right now. This next week is the semana santa where EVERYONE leaves on vacation and eats bread. Its the same bread always, just in different forms. i like it...but its definitely a lot!

Yesterday my comp and i celebrated easter because we have changes. My mom sent us easter baskets so we both hid the others and then looked for them. silly but the tradition lives on. 

So this week we were blessed with 3 baptisms!! 2 were planned, Salvador and Brandon, and the 3rd was a suprise, Andrea. Lets start with Andrea. I told you a little about her last week and how she has been coming to church for about a month and loves it because it makes her happy. We taught her during the week and she was excited for baptism, but her dad wasnt exactly on board with it. We prayed, she prayed, we all prayed. Because of her amazing faith and desire to make this covenant with the lord and be baptized, her Dad stopped bothering her and her Mom and family came to the baptism!!! Such an example of faith from a 13 year old girl who found the path of happiness in this life. She was baptized on saturday and bore her testimony of how she knows that this church is true. LOVE IT . 

Well this area is full of miracles!! 
So we couldnt meet with Salvador and Brandon because they went to the capital. So on friday was his interview for the baptism and he knew he needed to come. His wife came to the church and asked if the us and the Elders could go to the house because Salvador was really sick. He had an accident a long time ago and has problems with his nerves. When he gets a lot of emotions, his body freaks out. So he couldnt use the left side of his body. As we were about to leave, Salvador comes limping in on the shoulder of her son and wife because he knew he needed to come to the church for his interview. What great faith! He showed his faith and desired by forgetting about his physical health and concentrated on his spiritual health. On saturday, he was so impatient waiting for his wife with the car that he walked AGAIN all the way too the church with just his son!!! We went by that morning to make sure everything was okay, he seemed very happy in his cheetah print robe! hahah But he was so excited to be baptised and has really changed!!! 

This is typical dress and hay they carry all day long.
Yesterday we got the call and my comp is leaving los arcos and we find out tomorrow where she is going and who will be my new comp!! im excited!!! BUT i will be staying here and im just so incredibly thankful to be able to be here for another 6 weeks. 

Enjoy conference and eat some cinnamon rolls for me!! 
hermana thompson

Puppy TOM

Andrea and TOM

They carry the hay like this all day long sometimes.

Andreas baptism

Salvador and his family!! They are definitely hipsters and I love it!

Salvador, Andrea and Brandon got baptized.

Salvador and his son Brandon

Nancy got married.. A member in our ward

The Bishop and his wife Hermana Mati

Eating at a swanky restaurant

Look closely at the picture

Hermana Mati

My Easter basket

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