Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Welll...this week 4 different people offered their sons to marry me. A member claims that she is already my mother in law. So if things dont work out after the mish Ive got some people waiting!! haha 
Well the Lord is still blessing us like CRAZY!!!
So thisweek we taugh Andrea, a niece of amember who has been coming to church. We taught her about the Restoration and asked her why she liked coming to church. She says taht in the Church is what makes her happy! It reminded me iof when I knew that this church was true because I realized the amazing happiness that I was receiving. I am so incredibly lucky to have this gospel inmy life because its what makes me the happiest in this life, and I am so incredibly grateful to be able to share it. Andrea texted us the next day thanking us for the Book of Mormon and expressed how much she loved reading it!! She will be getting baptized in April!! 

So the rainy season has begun here. Yes there are two of them. I am ujst grateful that my area isnt dirt roads anymore!! When it rains, it rains and then the power goes out. But hey, I still love Guatemala! Even though the rain caused a waterfall by my bed...leaks are pretty normal here.

So, my brother and I always played pranks. My comp and I have a lot of fun so I thought I would just play a little prank. Dont worry nothing happene.d I put picante (hot stuff in english??) in her water bottle, sadly she figured it out within seconds. Well, about two days later I went to find my waterbottle and drank it, and well, it was the water with the hot stuff. I about died and everyone just started laughing. Karma on my part. but the prank war has begun. So ill keep ya all updated.

Back to Salvador and Brandon. They are set to be baptized and I have never met a man hwo has changed so much in so little time. He comes to church every week in his suite, participates, and loves every second of it. His son is just as pilas and comes to every activity!!! Wuith every lesson I can see their happiness grow stronger and stronger. Sadly, Satan is working hard with his wife and shes being kind of a bummer, but it isj ust making him even stronger! He is really growing his faith and trust in the Lord. He has taught me so many htings and Im so incredibly excited for his baptism and I thnk he is way more excited than I am! 

This week I learned a lot about charity. With all of these poeple wanting to be baptized, it wasnt exactly hard to win their love but i was teaching lessons instead of people. I was so confused because I was not happy, yet having dream success. I realized i forgot about charity! I prayed for so much help to know how i can start teaching people and thats when i relized I lacked the charity because i was just so rushed to teach them the lessons before baptsim. I read in Moroni 7 45 about what it means to be charitable and have chosen to make these things my goal for the rest of my mission, heck the rest of my life! I need to show love for everyone because everyone is a child of god and I need to look at them as one. My favorite part of the mission is getting to know these people, becoming their friend, and learning things from that have and will change my life forever. Everyone I have met here in Guatemala has changed my life in some way and if I can improve my charity and love for them, maybe I can help them out too. 

Charity is the Love of Christ. Without it, nothing is going to work. 

love you all!!!!!
Hermana Thompson



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