Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Wow this week is one to remember!! The Lord is really blessing this area and us a lot!! I am sooo eternally grateful to be here! 
okay so first story. A couple of sundays a go one of the members came to us and told us that her husband wasnt a member. So we took a chance and went and visited them. oh my. i have never met a man sooo prepared! He started out by saying there is one God so there should be only one church. He used to go to the church about two years ago, but never got baptized because of his work and then never had the desire to go back. Usually, people working on sunday instead of going to church is a huge problem, but he told us he quit is job so he could come to church, we hadnt even started teaching him yet!!! His first wife died about five years ago and then he met Rosio, a member who was inactive, in december and they just got married! he has two kids who we are also teaching! Long story short, we invited him to be baptized after teaching the first lesson and he accepted a fecha fija!!! and his son did to! they will get baptized on the 28 of march!!! and then in a year they will get sealed as a family!!!! waht the what!!! 
Okay, now this is one of my favorite stories of the week. So we had a set cita and knew it wasnt going to fall, but hey we are missionaries and cant predict anything, it fell. So there was this little side street and I felt like we should go down there. so we did. I was a little frustrated because in the whole street no one was home, or just ignoring the cute missionaries haaha. But we got to the end of the street and at this little store where I really sweet lady came out. She told us that about 22 years ago the elders visited her and always helped bring her kids to church, but after awhile stopped going and is active in a different church. We decided to teach lesson one and then invited her to be baptized. She told us that she was baptized into the church with the Elders. She then told us that she has been going through a lot of really tough times and felt helpless. She prayed on Wednseday that God would help her find her way back to the path of happiness and tell her what to do. We knocked on her door on Friday and I could see the relief on her face. Wow. We really work as instruments of God, he leads us to his children that need help. I am so grateful to be able to be part of these experiences!!! 
This week we had divisions so i went to Momostenango, a little pueblo about an hour from here, with Hermana Busk! Hermana Busk was with me in HueHue when i started out the mission!!! We took a nice long hike through the jungle to go to an inactives house and they had a sauna. So its not the typical sauna you think of. Its a pyramid with a little door on the side that you crawl in and on the other side is the fire pit. Defenitely made for the height limit here hahahaah. But it was fun being with Hermana Busk because of the looks we got. Shes about as tall and white as i am!! 
It was fun! 
Well that was my week!! 
so grateful to be here!!

hermana thompson
ps thanks for all the early bday wishes!!! feeling the love!!!

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