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Just wanted to say thanks for all the bday wishes!!! i feel very loved!! 
This week I not only turned 20 but i also completed 9 months in the mission. which means im already more than half way done with the went by sooooo fast. too fast. Time is precious! Its a bitter sweet feeling because I am 9 months closer to hugging my mom but also 9 months closer to leaving these people who i have come to love so much! 
For my 9 months, my companion gave me donuts and the bakery made me my favorite. Ya im starting a diet for now on haha whoops. 
My birthday was so exciting!! Its weird to think that this time a year ago I was celebrating it up in utah with my beautiful Mom who I miss!! thanks mom for the best packages!! i felt very loved!! 
So my companion woke me up with a cake and the members who own the bakery lit of little fireworks on our patio. finally i hear fireworks that are actually meant for me! haha its a bummer its illegal in california! So here in Guatemala the tradition is to smash cakes in peoples faces. Well, that happened three times. A member got me a cake for lunch, in my face, the bishops family also got me a cake which was in my face haha and we made a cake too. and that was in my face! hahaah and the misssionaries gave me one! i felt so much love!!! so much!! I have only been here for about a month and these people are treating me as if they ahve known me all my life. They put my face in the cake with lots of love!I may have also gained 10 pounds of love with all the cake! 

So we had our Multizona conference this week andwe got to watch parts of Meet the Mormons!! I loved that movie!!! It made me baggy at the part of the missionary leaving, but honestly its a great movie for everyone!!! 

So about a week ago we taught a coupel who were references. We just taught them about the restoration and the book of mormon and invited them to be baptized. They said they would pray and read, but ususally when people say that it doesnt happen. Well, on friday we call them to confirm the appointement for the next day and she tells us that she was about to call us and ask us how to join the church. They spent all week reading the Book of Mormon and praying and they felt it was true because of the great peace and happiness they felt while doing it. To gain a testimony of these things we need to do it His way. We need to pray and read and really ponder if these things are true. They did their part and have a date to be baptized!!! 

This area has just been full of miracles!! so enternally grateful with our father in heaven for letting me part of these miracles! these people are changing my lfie!!!

love you all
Hermana Thompson


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                                   Cake from the bishops wife! hna mati!! shes seriously the best!

                                                   Making the cake that my mom sent me! 
                                       My comp completed four months so we shared the cake haha
                                                             Well. it ended in a cake fight

9 Month mark Baby!!

                                  Cake from the bishops wife! hna mati!! shes seriously the best!

                                                             The center of Quetzaltenango

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