Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gracias a que El Vive

Well, i have a new companion! she is Hermana Percino from Mexico and is great!! she doestn like to joke around a lot and takes my sarcasm seriously (she thought i was actually from mexico, then i said i was actually from germany, had her going for awhile). but she got me back by saying a pic she had was of her son. and it was just her nephew. Yes, she is still half my size. i shouldnt even be surprised anymore. She has 4 months and cme in the same group as the sister i trained and my last comp. 
So here, they dont celebrate april fools day. But the secretaries do. they happily called me saying i have emergency changes. but then they expressed their love for april fools day so it didnt really happen. 
Thgis week was semana santa and everyone just dissapears to go to the beach during this week. everyone just gave us tons and tons of bread....happy semana santa!! 
So with conference we also had miracles!!! 
Miriam, a mom of a new born baby and isnt married, came to the first session of conference. She has had a really hard life, but felt like the apostoles were talking just for her. We are excited to keep working with her!!!! 
So a man came in and some missionaries invited him, but we dont know who. So this mans brother was a member and died about 20 years ago. a year after this man went to his brothers house and founda book of mormon. He dusted it off and oppened to Alma 28. This is a chapter after one of the worst wars and how the people were morning for the death of their loved ones. in verse 12 it talks about the comfort these people felt knowing that their loved ones were going to live with God. From that day, he knew the book of mromon was true. He could just never come to church or meet the missionaries because his wife is super catholic. But he wants it now and we will be teaching him this week!! Its so great how we can be comforted by the promises of eternal life. 
I just loved conference with all my heart and recieved soo much comfort. I loved the talk by Wilford W. Anderson where he said that i can teach you to dance, but you need to hear the music. For example, its like you pull up next to a car and the poeple are dancing, but you cant hear the music. Looks pretty weird right?? Well, lets just say the mormons are the people in the car dancing and the rest of the world thinks we are crazy. we are different, we dont drink coffee, we dont go out on sundays. but why?? i could give you a hundred reasons. But really the people cant just hear the music. The music is the spirit. To understand why we do the things we do, you have to understand the Plan of Happiness that He has given us. The plan of salvation answers the questions of where we come from, why are we here, and where we are going. Because we know these answers clearly, we also know what we need to do to here on this earth to reach the most happiness. the center of this plan is Jesus Christ and His sacrafice for us. During theis easter season, we need to realize that God sent his own son, Jesus Christ, to die for our imperfections. He ressurected so we can have the same blessings of eternal life. We are sharing this video and its so powerful. watch it. its great. meet with the missionaries and come hear the music. If you dont have a testimony of these things, start from the basics. Build your foundation on Jesus Crhist and you will never fall. 

have a great week!! 
hermana thompson 

My new smiling companion from Mexico, Hermana Percino

Some of the sites in Quetzaltenango

My old zone

A sweet lady in our ward; I told her to make a funny face

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