Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hermana Thompson: por fin. I saw a quetzal

So i forgot to mention something...cause you know i am serving in Quetzaltenango so i expected to see this bird somewhere. but it doesnt live here!!! what...but
we wandered into a super lame museum the other pday and it had a stuffed quetzal! maybe it wasnt alive and i saw it. then i had some random bowls from the time bef
ore Christ and a ill just assume its of Nephi and his utensils. ya?? 

Anyways..we had a goal to get 70 contacts in the street this week and with the help of the lord we were able to do it! It was around 8 and we were knocking doors and as normal people were just I have a religion seee yaa...but this lady opened, we said our names, and she said pasen adelante. we looked at each other shocked cause this never ever happens! 

Turns out she and her family were best friends with elders about four years ago, but never wanted to hear the message. her husbaand passed away about six months ago, so maybe th lord has prepared her for us! The Lord really does prepare people! For example, we met a lady named Esperanza. Her dad was a member and always had a smile on his face!!! He was such an example of the happiness that this gospel brings that she knows that this gospel is where the happiness is from! She is so great and just wants to learn more and more!! We dont need to preach all the time...we can show our love and testimony through our example. hows your example??

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