Monday, April 27, 2015


Doing splits in Mono and the taller you are the heavier water jug they give you.

It's so much heavier than it looks!

Lidia made me sit down because I was so much taller than her.

Lidias baptism

Lidias Baptism

Well this week was one full of exhaustion!! i will be spending the rest of my pday in a nice long nap. So we had divisions this week and i went to Momos. its probaly about and houra nd a half on bus but im used to the bus rides form xela. I ended up carrying a giant water bucket on my head up a mountain, and because i was the tallest of them all, i was given the biggest bucket. oh boy. its a lottttt heavier than it looks. A lot of people have to do that just to have fresh water. We also taught in english and it was sooooo hard. I dont htink that the gospel in english is gonna happen for me anymore. It was for a lady from the peace core, it was the first time i had seen an ipad in a very long time hahaha. 

So i got home friday morning when we get a call from Lidia, the investigator who got thrown out of her house just for her beliefs, and she wanted us to come over. So we ran over after giving the Elders some baptism clothes they needed. She then told us that she wanted to get baptized the next day!!! On tuesday we had planned to give her a lesson on tithingin to finish all the lessons, but we started talking about her fear of being baptized because she thought it would break up her family. We were suprised to even talk about this, but the spirit had his reason. it helped her make her decision. So we had to rush to finish the lessons, organizee and itnerview, go back and get the clothes we lent out, and set up a hwole baptism service. For lidia, i would do anything. After she was baptized we were helped her with something and she was know why i am so happpy...because i started a new life today. I felt the spirit testify through me as i told her that she will be able to start over every week as she participates int eh sacrament and renew her covenants. Never ever forget about your baptism and how you felt after, because really thats what we get to feel every sunday. WE got to church to learn btu most importantly renew these special promises with God. I am so grateful for the blessing to repent every single day!!!! 

have a great week!!! 
Hermana Thompson
Lidias Baptism

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