Friday, April 17, 2015

I hate Mangos....but everyone loves them here!

Paublo got baptized in Hue Hue!

The nativities here are awesome!

Centro Paque in Xela

Guatemala has ruined my feet and my legs....whoops, lets pray for a miracle!

A cool street

I love to see the Temple!

A local volcanoe

We helped in a primary activity and taught primary kids how to be missionaries

A cute little roof top restaurant for P-Day... Food just ok. but the view was great!


Someone save me!! i hate mangos and its mango season....they are everywhere!! hahaahah 

So i figured that getting a new comp would mean that the miracles might be different or might just stop. but let me tell you all...they just keep on coming!1 Wow i have never been so grateful. 

Okay fist and foremost. 
Pablo, a kid who has 13 years and is in my first area, who had a date to be baptized but couldnt get the permission. every sunday in huehue he was always sitting right next to me! WEll i receieved a picture from a member out there that he was baptized!! FINALLY! soooo grateful!! my heart was seriously full of joy!! 
Next, we had an investigator named Lidia who I mentioned a while ago. We had to stop teaching her because he family is super catholic and didnt want anything. She went to a catholic camp to please them, but still didny share their same faith. So, the Mom kicked her out of her house and she is living with a member right now. She got kicked out of her house for he testimony, and she refuses to deny it. She even shared this testimony at church with us on sunday. She is such an example of true faith to me!!!! She loves her family, but cant deny what the Holy Ghost has testified to her. 

Now, I told a story about a young couple, Martha and Fernando who called us one night asking to be baptied. They had dissapeared for about a month, but called us on Friday asking for an appointment! Well, they have a baptism date fo may!! They didnt come to church the next day but got a text from them saying that they went to a different ward because it was close to them at the moment, they said they loved it and are going to tell all their family this weeek that they are going to be memebers!!!! WOW!!! 
We also got to help in a primary activity this week and help little kids learn how to be a missionary! it reminded me that i prepared all my life for these short 18 months. i need to use them wisely!! 
speaking of time. i completed 10 months this week. im in shock . the time just flysssss by!!
I also had divisions this week with hna sainsbury who i shared a chapel with in huehue for 6 months so it was fun to be with her!

Attached is a picuter of pablos baptism. i wasnt able to go, but i am so gateful that he finally got to be baptized!!!!

Love you alll 
Hermana Thompson

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