Friday, January 2, 2015

Hola and Merry Christmas from Huehuetenango

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, I know i did!!!! 
We started out the week with singing in the parque, or the center of town, with all the missionaries 
here in Hue Hue!! it was amazing! In the center of town is wehre they sell all the souveniers, have tons of lights, and a giant Christmas treee!! The Christmas tree sings with lights and its great. its disneyland without the rides and mickey, but its as close as im gonna get here and i love it!!! haahah but it was great sining with everyone!! we even sang with the tree. 
Also, a drunk man proposed to me that night and told me he wants to go to heaven with me, so if things dont work out in the states, ive got some guatemalans waiting for me! haha 

On the 24th we helped Aura make tamales and ponche (pretty much fruit, sugar, cinnamon, and water). ive been given so much ponche im good for a year or two thats for sure hahahaah. We roasted marshmellows and woke up at midnight to watch the hundreds of fireworks!!! there are sooo many!!!! it was beautiful! we stood on the roof and watched it all. they were on every side and it was great! they arent illegal here so everyone was shooting off bigger fireworks then we see at disneyland. i was a tad bit scared but i lvoed it! we drank hot chocolate and opened presents! i had to go to guatemala so i could open my presents before christmas morning hahaahah. It was truly the best Christmas it could be without my family!!!

I realized that I have an amazing family love at home, but i also realized i have an amazing love here in guatemala. I lvoe them both and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve people here.!! 
I have also realized the amazign love our Heavenly Father had for us!!! John 3 16. he loves us so much he gave us his only son to suffer for us. Jesus Christ really is our savior, but to participate in the amazin blessings we need to really accept him. Heavenly Father gave us an amazing gift, his son Jesus Christ. 
I am so grateful to have this gospel in my life and to be servin the amazing people in Guatemala. 
love always
hermana thompson

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