Monday, January 19, 2015

HOLA.. God has a sense of humor

January 19th, 2015

Como estan??? 

Well, this week God had quite a sense of humor!! All of our progressing investigators moved way, include our recent convert Carlos. Luckily he is assisting the church there in Coban and talking to the missionaries, but its sad!  We spent most of our week contacting and trying to find new people to teach! 

I actually love contacting because it makes me feel like I m closer and closer to the people who are ready to hear this gospel. 
It also leads to funnier experiences. I was talking on the phone with a member when this car speeds down the road and slams on his brakes. He quickly backs up, almost hits us and starts yelling helloooo. He was very drunk, but it was pretty funnny. Then we were walking and a drunk man tried to come and touch me. Then another drunk man started yelling at us about someone stealing his wife. Not gonna lie, these were pretty funny experiences.  

We al so had the opportunity to work with a menosavtiva  (less active church member)  Elisa. She is the cutest person I have ever met and has truly realized that there is something missing in her life. She wants to come back to the church, but is embarressed to pray and come back. We should never have fear of the Lord. He is loving and merciful. He loves us and will do anything to help us. I am excited to work with her!! Her spirit is so special!! 
Something I loved studying this week was Helamen 5 12. Well I hope thats the verse. Its about how we need to be built upon the rock of Christ. If our life is built upon Christ, we will have the most joy we will ever have in the mortal life. WE just need to accept him.
Love you ! 
Hermana Thompson 

Some things never

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