Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Wow I cant even begin to explain how amazing my week is!!! 
For new years, its the same as Christmas! We helped a member make tamales and ponche and watched fireworks from every corner at midnight! it was amazing! happy new year! i am truly loving the new year not gonna lie. could not b more grateful! 
Well, about a month ago we were told that a members son and his wife (who isnt a member) is coming up and she wants to get baptized! she was working with the Hermanas in Guate so we just finished it all up and it was amazing to be part of her conversion process! She will be sealed with her husband for the eternity in a year from now. the joy in her face after her baptism was unreal and something I will never forget. 
Miracle number 2 (well we have millions of miracles but these have been the most life changing) 
Our baptism that fell about a month ago, Pablo, fell because his Mom wouldn't give him permission and hes only 13. But they still come to church an everything. His older brother, Carlos is 18 years old and when we first met him he didn't believe in God. Pablo and Carlos are brothers of Carmen, who we were teaching first but who knows where she is now, pablo and carlos never really wanted anything in the beginning but they were always in the room when we taught carmen. Well we gave carlos and pablo a book of mormon and they are both in 2 nephi. We have been teaching Carlos and Pablo and they have just grown so much! Carlos told us that as he was reading he realized that he was like Laman and Lemuel and his heart was closed to God. He decided to pray and ask. He now believes in God and is getting baptized this Thursday!!! Just from reading the Book of Mormon and praying,his heart completely changed from not believing in God to believing in him! such an amazing miracle and im so blessed to be part of this experience!!! It all started from sitting in some puke in a bus and now I have seen the power of the Book of Mormon in someone's life. The Book of Mormon is the most amazing thing i have ever read. Every time I read I am filled with such a joy and I am so happy to see this joy in Carlos and Pablo. 

The Book of Mormon changes lifes every day if we let it. Share this book with the world and let them havethis joy too. 
I have never been so happy to be a missionary!!! 
7 months in my misson is almost complete and Ive been in the same area the whole time but i know why because I have been able to see uch a growth and love in these months. I was just notified that I have 6 more weeks here and I couldnt be happier! 

Share these blessings with the world. 
love always
Hermana Thompson

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