Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12th, 2015 - 7 months. Best week of my mission!

Hey all!! 
Can you believe I already have 7 months?? I still feel like a new person!! 
Well this week was just one big miracle!! We spent most of it helping Carlos prepare fo his baptism. We found out that he couldnt come to church the following sunday after his baptism because he was going to Coban to take some exams for the week. We got permission so he could be confirmed on thursday and have his baptism. 
His baptism was truly the most amazing experience! His Mom and stepdad came and really seemed to love it! over 60 members came!!! We had so much support for Carlos and it was just an amazing blessing to be apart of. I had never seen him smile more than after his baptism! He feels like a different person. 
I have never felt such joy from a baptism before. My heart was filled with love and gratitude for our Savior who made this all possible. I understand now how the Sons of Mosiah felt when they helped bring some souls unto Christ. The amazig love and spirit I have felt this week is unreal. 
We talked to Carlos in the afternoon on sunday and he told us he went and founda  Mormon church to go to that morning with his Grandma! He is already sharing this joy with the people he loves. 
He is nineteen years old and the goal is that he will be serving a mission in one short year!!! Pablo will get baptized in April because thats the soonest his Mom will give permission, but there is always a reason!! 
On Thursday during the day we had to go to Xela for a meeting for my comp because she is new. I recieved a letter from my Moms old friend who told me that she was introduced to this church because of my Mom and how grateful she was for my Moms example in her life. Now she has a son serving a mission and one preparing and has the restored gospel in her life. We dont need a missionary badge to change lives, Ive never read a scripture about it. 
I love you all so much. 
The book of mormon is so powerful. Read it. It will change your life. 
Hermana Thompson


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