Monday, August 31, 2015


AUGUST 31, 2015

WEll this week was an adventure!!! 
First and we hiked a volcanoe! it was pretty legit. We went in these pick up trucks with seats in the back to go up. then climbed a lot. a lto. then went down about 300 stairs to the laguna. it was foggy but so worth it. we then had to climb up those stairs. that wasnt as fun...but we did it!! it was lietally indiana jones ride in the pick up truck. so much fun. 

THIS IS Laguna Chicabal, a sacred place to the Mayan/Mam people. It's surrounded by a mystic cloud forest.

Anyways. this week i was able to see some tender mercies from the lord. We did divisions with Los Arcos, my old area. A week before we left I knocked on a door and the daughter said her mom was a member and to come back later. I had changes so i never knew what happened. Well, turns out the Mom was a less active member and has now been going to church. Just from knocking on a door we were able to help someone. 

We have been working with a less active here named Astrid. She was stuck between two churches and honestly we didnt think she would want to come to church with us. Her mom has been praying that she would come back to the Mormon church and evrything lined up so that could happen. She told us tht she wants to come back! it was such a miracle. 

I have lots to share, but not a lot of time because of our hike. 
but i love you all!
Hermana Thompson

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