Monday, August 31, 2015


July 27th

So this week. everything kind of fell..but thats okay because the Lord had another plan for us. We got to teach Jessy and we taught her how Jesus Christ has restored His church here on earth again and she asked, wait its really here??? She is so excited to learn more and find out for hersefl!!! WE are sooo exxcited to teach her. We also found Rosa and Ronny, a cute little family. We shared the restoration with them as well and he loved it!! He said he is excited to find the path of God and is going to ask to know!!

Sometimes, well most of the time, life doesnt go as planned. But there is always a reason. We need to realize that because of Him, we will live. If we rely on Him, there is nothing that can kill us ever. We will be able to live in happiness and joy forever. 

So all our citas fell, we dont have any progressing investigadors, but im not gonna die. and it can only get better!!! We will always have dissapointments, but they just make us stronger and stronger. We just need to do it in the way that He wants. Like in 1 Nephi17, Nephi needed to make the boat how the Lord wanted, if he wanted the success. WE need to do the things the Lord wants it to have eternal life and happiness. 
con amor, 
Hermana Thompson

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