Monday, October 26, 2015

SEPTEMBER 14TH 2015- Adios Bougambilias, thanks for the miracles!

This week was probably one of my favorites of the mish. Except for one part. I ate chicken liver. and yes its as gross as it sounds. I completed 15 months this last week...weird. And in my 15 months i never had to eat chicken liver. Except for now. hahaha 

Well, after only 3 short months in Bougambilias I have changes!! I don’t really know where I am going to go but we shall see! I am in my last two changes....only 12 more weeks. I just choose not to think about it. 
Well, here was the most amazing story this week. So in March in Los Arcos i met a man named Froylan. He was a reference of a member. When we met him, he had just had a horrible accident where he was hit by a car. He lost some of his eye sight and has this machine attached to his rib cage to keep it all in place. He couldn’t sit or stand for a long period of time, he had lost custody of his kids, he lost his job, and was living alone. Because of all of these hardships he was humbled a lot. We taught him about the restoration of the fullness of the gospel and we challenged him to baptism. He accepted. We taught him one of two times more, but then he disappeared. His neighbor gave us directions and said he lived near somewhere with a black door. It wasn’t in our area so we gave the reference to Hermana woods and Bingham of Xela Centro. Took a month, but found him. In June he was baptized. I was never able to see him after I last saw him in my area before he disappeared. We were on divisions this week with Xela Centro and a member invited us over for tacos. And who was standing there? Froylan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He just said thank you and that he was just so happy. He was seriously a completely different man than the man i met in march. He just received the Melchesidic Priesthood and is second counselor of the Young men. He just told me how his life has changed and how hes been trying to find me and asked everyone where I was so he could say thank you. I did nothing. The Lord truly changed this man. My heart is full. so full. Its true when the lord says that the worth of one soul is great. 
And to finish things off, Astrid, a less active that we have been working with came to church finally!! she was always going to the activities but now she came to church. it was the best feeling seeing her there with a smile on her face. 
We also went and painted the General Hospital, yes the same one that scared me hahaa, with our ward! It was great!!! Also, a man who sold us a hot dog on Saturday was trying to teach us that the Sabbath day is on Saturday, yet he was the one who sold us a hot dog on a Saturday. 
well that was my week!!! guess you will all have to wait till next Monday to see where i go!!! 

love always 

hermana thompson

6 AM and leaving for Hue Hue....Good bye Bougambilias

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