Monday, October 26, 2015

OCTOBER 5TH 2015 - Trip to the Ruins again with Huehue central Zona!

i don’t have a lot of time. whoops!!

Lets just start by testifying that the lord puts people in our path. at around 820 a lady was crying with her kids. turns out to be an old investigator. They gave them a day to move out of there house and they ahd no way of moving everything. that night we helped get the stove over and then the next day we got a member with a truck to help the rest. She is a single mom who was doing everything she could to help her kids. Reminds me of my amazing mom. quick thought i loveddd the talk form Holland about the Moms. its true. my mom has helped me through everything. 

This lady was crying she was so grateful. we even got all muddy pulling the truck out of the mud. it was all great in a skirt! haahah 
But she was so grateful and i didn’t feel worthy of all o her thankfulness. she really is an amazing person and i think this softened her heart to hear the gospel. we shall see how it goes. 

This conference was amazing. we have a lot of improving to do if we want to win this war that began in the prexestencia. We have the Lord on our side and we must keep going!


hermana thompson


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