Monday, June 8, 2015


This week we had crazyyyy rainstorms. hail lightening, the works!!! we were soaking wet from the rain for many days but i love it still! hahaah i guess ther is a hurricane in mexico so we got some of that rain. 
also my companion took about an hour talking about how mexican weddings are like 6 days long...what the what. and also the traditional Guatemalan wedding! and they give left overs out. 6 days of a partying??? man. sounds tiring. 
it was pouring rain one day and all of our citas fell so we tried finding a contact that we had talked too. we actually knocked on one door and they were like come in! that never happens. so we were shocked and then remembered that we had actually contacted them before too. they were waiting for us!! it s as an amazing spiritual lesson in how god has restored his church here. she is going to pray and see if it is true. 
On sunday I was just sooo happy!! we have been working with a menos ativa since I got more than 4 months ago. We passed for her one time and she said absolutely not. on saturday she said she would go with. us. and she actually did. and loved it. she told me she thinks she is sick because she is sooo excited to be here hahaah i love her!! also a menos activa family came that we have been working with! its been full of lots of blessings!!! 
Anyways, I lvoe being a missionary. its been the best roller coaster of my life!!! Never want it to end. 
Love ya all   
Hermana Thompson

1. lets play a game. i spy Hermana Thompson.. hahaahahah you cant even see my comp!! a gorup that came and we gave a tour at the temple

Cool castle in our area. i mean the floors are from england so its pretty cool 

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