Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hola...Mad frogs?

May 25th Letter...

So this week it rained a lot and there are a lot of frogs here i guess. who knew. My comp said that if you make a frog mad it will blow up and she started to throw rocks and it and the frog just looked at us like we were not the smartest people alive. hahha
also it was Miriams bday so we went over and made dinner and got a cake! this was Sunday night and we have a weekly goal of 70 contacts every week. We left and about 850 and my comp had cake all in her hair because her and Miriam had a cake fight...i got lucky hahaah. but we only had 68 so we contacted people with cake on our face. it was hilarious hahahahah 
A lot of our investigators have seemed to disappear and i felt like we weren't finding the chose people. A member had given us a reference that was iffy but we went and found him and his name is Domingo!! He is amazing!!!! We put an appointment and when we show up he had invited his friends to listen as well!! He has quite a past and was listening to the elders about five years ago but had so much going on that it just didn't happen in that time. He is looking to start over and this time he has realized what he didn't have last time, God. He never really practiced a religion and felt a lot of sadness in his life, but he now wants to start over but with God in his life! We met him Saturday and he cam to church Sunday. He has really been prepared and i am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent those two elders to him five years ago. God answers prayers, i was prying to find those prepared and he showed us to Domingo. He tells us the people that he has prepared. i love being a missionary. 

hermana thompson

Miriams Birthday cake fight... No, I didn't start it.

My companion

Cake is everywhere with Miriam

Miriams baby cute!

Purses here is Guatemala

Backpacks everyone uses here

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