Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bautismo de Miriam, Best Day Ever!

May 18th letter:

So this last week was changes but the best news is that HERMANA WOODS IS BACK IN MY ZONE. my trainer. its her last change which is sad but I'm happy she is going to die in our zone! 
So this week we found a man who told us that he already has God but that we should go preach to the government (there is some problems with a major bank here and its the governments fault or something). Pretty funny not gonna lie. 
So the best news is that MIRIAM WAS BAPTIZED!!! We found her about 2 months ago through a members reference. We really didn't think she would every be baptized and she didn't seem happy with her life at all. She is 22 years old, single mom, with a 9 month baby, Brody, who is the cutest of them all!!!! She always wanted to be baptized because she feels that this is what her life needs to keep going forward and really change. She was having problems going to church because she takes care of her nephews during the church time, but she wanted it so she came and then her sister in laws work schedule changed so now she can go to all 3 hours!! we always have miracles when we choose to do the right, in her case, baptize. I just love her and i can honestly say she is one of my best friends and has really showed me such an example of change. 
We also has Carmen Paz, and investigator who we found months ago but was never home. She was home these last couple of weeks and we went one day and she was crying. Her husband and just left her with all her kids and wasn't coming back. We shared some verses from the Book of Mormon and planned a cita to go back. We went back and she had read the Book of Mormon and felt soooo much peace from it. We weren't even teaching about the Book of Mormon, but i felt like we should put a baptism date for the 6th of June, but before i got the chance to invite her my comp said the same thing i would have said°! I love how the spirit works with us and really tells us what we need to do. She accepted the date too!! such a great spiritual experience. 
I learned a lot about faith this weeek. Faith does not come from miracles, rather miracles come from faith. We have to gain the faith by doing the little things, reading our scripture and praying daily. but most importantly we need to live the gospel. We need to repent daily, exercises our faith daily, and partake of the sacrament always. 
I love being a  missionary. Har4dest, best decision of my life!!! 

love you all
hermana thompson

Hermana Woods is back!

This is the typical clothes they wear here.  The long dress is about 10,000 quetz, so like 800 dollars. The other is the corte and wepul they wear.  Lots of people wear them here!

Bautismo de Miriam!!! Best day ever!

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