Monday, October 6, 2014

Hola Familia! 

This week was so great!!!
First of all...we have a day of kids Mothers day but for kids. okay we got jipped in the states come on now I want a day of kids hahaha

On thursday we were helping a member take a cake across town and we just jumped on a crowded bus with this huge cake. There was only one seat open and come to find out it was open because there was puke all over the floor...well i had no choice. the cake would have for the member and my salvation I sat in the puke. The lady next to me laughed with me and turns out she was meeting with the missionaries before and then wanted us to come visit with her! The Lord clearly blessed me there. just had to sit in puke for it!

On Wednesday we took a little microbus to Xela and went to the temple as a zone! We get to do that every six months and it was so amazing!! I have come to really appreciate the temple and the beauty of it all!! I love it! Its also a beautiful temple! E then had a zone meeting with president and his wife and my comp and I were chosen to do role plays aka teach a fake investigator, but it was in front of president! It was very nerve wracking but thats okay. Afterwards the president told me my spanish was coming along nicely, but I can only speak because the Lord really does help me. I am shocked when i can speak half the time. The lord blesses me sooo much and the only reason I can do this is because of him! 

On Thursday we taught Maribella and her huge family again. We taught them the restoration and they really seemed to understand it! We will see how it all went! 
they can only know of the truthfulness of this through praying so i hope they recieved their answers! E also shared the restoration video with Maria and she had such great questions and is really progressing. We have another investigator who refuses to pray. Something special about our message is that once you pray, you will know it is ture. you need to pray, meditate, and read the book of mormon and you will recieve your answers. 

We also met with Elaina this week and shared the restoration with her too. She loveddd it and prayed and got her answer! She is going to start reading the book of mormon and im so excited! 

We got to watch conference on Saturday and Sunday!!! On Saturday, we could only watch in spanish but thats okay I still understood! On sunday we got to watch it in english!!! It was sooo great! Its just different when we can hear the apostoles and prophets voices. its just so much better. I loved it! I could go on and on about conference. My favorite line was by the one and only President Thomas S Monson, he said that decisions determine destiny. Its soooo true. We truly can choose to follow the path of the Lords and return to him again. God loves us and wants us to have the gospel, thats why he gave us prophets in this dispensation. Why would he only talk to people in the bible times and not our times? He loves us and gave us a prophet in this day because he loves us. With more time we are able to see the Lords hands in things. He responds in his own way and in his own time, and its the best for us. During afflictions remember that there is a reason. We will receive lots of blessings
Remember to continue strengthening your testimony. Its the most valuable thing in your life. 
Love you and have a great week! 
Hermana Thompson
We had to cut up Beets!

My second Mom in Guatemala

Our zone taking a bus to the temple 

Our zone at the temple in Quetzaltenango,Guatemala

We got to watch conference in English with our treats! Not the same as moms cinnabons, but loved watching conference and hearing them speak in their own voices. 

Just another pretty sunset

Me and my companion at the temple

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