Sunday, October 5, 2014

When you get sour cream and bananas, you're in Guatemala

Well this week was just another one full of experiences that are hard but always 
make me grateful to be a missionary and to have the opportunity to be here. 
Last pday we were in mcdonalds and this lady named olivia who we met for about 2 
seconds during a freak rainstorm came up to us. She lived in california with her 
family for awhile and knows english pretty well. We ended up meeting their 
family and getting to teach them, and in english. thats a miracle. only two 
gringas could make this happen haha. But I've been praying every day for the 
opportunity to teach families and we got two in one day. always lovin the 
blessings of being a missionary! So grateful! 

Tuesday was the best day because eeveryone we were supposed to teach was home 
and accpeted everything we taugh. thats the day we got two families. we were 
walking to go teach english class and someone sprayed water all over us and it 
still didnt get us down. 

On Wednesday we had to walk to the church which is probs a 20 to 30 min walk, 
super early because we had to open the church for the zone conference. the zone 
conference was great, but out of the 70 missionaries there I was one of the four 
that presidente made bear their testimony in spanish. In front of everyone. but 
thats okay because we got the best brownies for lunch. I love hearing from 
president smith and I truly know he was called of God. I believe we accpeted 
these calls before this life and these people are prepared for us. 

On Thursday I woke up with a killer cold and slept a lot but we still went out 
and it started pouring so it just made it worse. 
That  night I woke up at 2am with killer ear infections and had to call the 
nurse and stuff. Life of the mission. Im healing slowly but surely! Grateful  
for the nurses. 

On Friday we had the opportunity to visit a lady and literally fifteen people 
gathered around to hear us talk. It was amazing. I realized how amazing my 
opporutnity to be a missionary is and to get to know these people. it was 
pouring rain and they still just listened. well they also wanted to look at the 
two crazy gringas in skirts haha but still. 
On Saturday we were walking back from the womens conference there was this 
catholic saints parade and they would blow off fireworks every five feet it was 
sooo funny and they were always next to us with the fireworks. We probably 
looked like goofballs getting so scared. 

We met with joceline and elizabeth and they always feed us the funnies things 
and always want to eat with us. We had a hot dog. instant soup, and a pancake. I 
feel like im in college again.  Anyways these two lovely ladies truly want to 
hear the gospel. We are gonna visit them every day this week and read out of the 
book of mormon with them because thats how you can gain a testimony of these 

Anyways I was reading Alma 26 27 when peoples hearts are depressed we want to 
tun back, but we need to have patience in our afflictions because we will have 
great success. Life  is hard and we work on the Lords time but he knows whats 
best for us. It's all gonna be worth it. 

love ya 
Hermana Thompson 

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