Monday, December 15, 2014


Well....about 2 weeks ago we were with an investigator and she gave us these tamales. They were nasty but I ate them haha. Found out this week it was make of chicken feet. Not not the wings. the little scally feet. People eat those here and apparantly I do to. My comp thought it was hilarious that I had no idea hahaahah

Well, on Tuesday we found out that Pablos mom wasnt going to give him permission to get baptised because she thinks he needs more time. He told us the Sunday before that she was all good and he was too, but apparantly not. It was depressing and because of that he started doubting his faith. We had such a powerful lesson with him on Tuesday and he was crying while sharing his testimony, but he has more fear of men then of God right now. 2 Nephii 8'7, dont fear man. We always try to hard to please people, but we should think of our Heavenly Father first. We need to please God first always. Well, we will see what will happen. His mom hasnt given him permission to have a lesson with us or go to church. 

We have one investigator Anna who is from el salvador. A la gran I can not understand her at all! I feel like Im in my first week again haha. She cuts off all of her words and everything, but i get the gist of it! She read in the book of mormon one time and was scared because she didnt get her answer. We shared Alma 5'46 with her when Alma needed to pray and fast for his answer, and we arent any different. We need to do the same. Our answers won't come all at once, but they will come little by little. 

This week the video brought us many many miracles and we had over 80 contacts in the calle because of this video! 
It helps us remember the meaning of Christmas and people just love it here!!! I love Christmas because its the time we get to remember the birth of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. 

Well I love you all!!!! 
Hermana Thompson

The Hermanas in her district... The Zaculeu Ruins in Huehuetenango

Hermana Romero and Me at the ruins

I love Guatemala

My district!

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