Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All companions must be at least a foot shorter than me!

 Well its official all my companions need to be a foot shorter than me. haha Well we went down to Xela at 4 am in the morning Tuesday for changes. all the missionaries met up in the terminal and then went off with some other trainers and we ate at subway. Wow I missed subway. so crazy. anyways then we went to go pick up our "hijas" for the mission. Im a mom. everyone has been joking that I've been pregnant because I'm gonna train a new missionary. but she is a cute little girl from Honduras. She is super bubbly and super funny. We have a lot of fun. Training has been a blessing because ive really stopped thinking about myself and I get to think about her and how to make her a good missionary. Its the best. 

Now you may think we have a language barrier, but no i lost my voice completely and no one could hear me. It was a struggle but that's okay!!! 
On her first day she did almost get hit by a car because i guess in Honduras the cars stop for people. Well hello Sister, not here. She couldn't hear me because my voice was gone...but hey she didn't get hit by a car so everything is all good!!! 

My comp has showed me a lot. In her i see myself almost  six months ago. I have seen how much I have grown and how much I still need to grow. its a great blessing to have her in my life. 
We got a reference from a member of this lady who is new to the area. she is from ESalvador and always saw missionaries walking around and always greeted them but they never taught her. We taught her the restoration this morning and she loved it!!! 

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! We saw the best firework show from our roof. like Disneyland but a fast food restraint was putting it on. haha  I got the most amazingly special package in the mail from our Agoura 1st Ward.  You guys are the best!!  It had my favorite temple picture, the most adorable Hermana stocking I have ever seen and the spanish CTR rings made us very popular and are all gone.  So many awesome things in one box!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It's just what I needed. 

Have a great week! 
Hermana Thompson
My old companion Herman Woods and my new companion Hermana Romero from Honderas

                           A Christmas package from my Agoura 1st Ward family!

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