Tuesday, November 25, 2014


This week was a crazy week. 
We were teaching Leslie (who is special needs and can be abusive) and Juana awhile ago but stopped teaching them because Juana refuses to pray. Well, Leslie came knocking on our door very aggressively twice in one morning. She was standing out there pounding on it and talking to herself. People really shouldnt know where we live so we just stayed quiet for awhile. Well, she missed us and wanted us to visit again but we really need to take the time to visit people who want to hear the gospel. We went to visit her and she just grabbed my companion as if she was dying. Shes a really sweet girl, we are just scared shes gonna hurt someone or something. 

Well, thursday morning the assistants called and told me that Im training. I freaked out because Hermana Woods and I wanted to be together for christmas, but the Lord has another plan for us I guess. Crazy. So on Friday we woke up nice and early and took a bus to Xela, but the bus was so full we had to sit balancing in between the isles. Im gonna miss these bus rides haha. 
The meeting was great and it reassured me that this is what im supposed to do. Im scared, but grateful for such an amazing apportunity to train a new missionary. It will be hard but great! Tomorrow Ill talke another bus down in the morning to go and pick up my new companion and take her back. CRAZY. This also means ill probably be here in Las Flores till February. 

We have been planning a fair for our ward and had every organization is to be in charge of games. We got there 30 min before the activity and no one was there. They were having a stake activity and our bishop refused to help us. He told us to go to this one room and they told us to then go outside after setting everything up. It was so stressful and then no one showed up with their games! It was embarrasing! We only had four games but everyone who helped loved it, we had inactive member and lots of investigators and it turned out way fun in the end. Our ward just let us down so that was hard. 

We were walking back with Carmen and her brothers from the activity. Earlier that day we had asked Carmen to be baptised and she said maybe she just needs to get married first. Later that night I told her we could help her with planning the wedding and she excepted. We are hoping for her wedding and baptism in about a month! Her little brother told my companion that he has been praying like Joseph Smith about what church to join and he said he wants to get baptised! He loves church! He will be baptised in two weeks if all goes well!!!

So excited!
Anyways have a great week! 
love you!
Hermana Thompson
Aura gave us bracalets with the temple on them because we have an agreement that we have to invite her to our weddings. Aura and her family have been our second family so I'm excited to spend Christmas with them. 

 My district is awesome!  
                                                    Leslie and Juana. Yes I'm a giant
lady making traditional clothing

                         These are two members and they actually love me promise
a sign we made for the fair we had.

            Carmen at our fair. we had a game with flour there so she looked like a gringa. 
My comp, and Hermana Gibson who came with me, and her comp at our meeting for trainers
Carmens & Family.  I love them all!

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