Monday, November 3, 2014


Well I don't remember if I told this yet, but there is a boy in my ward who got called to Nicaragua and it was a really cool opening because it was with all of his family who are pretty much like my family!! I love it! 

Anyways, here for Halloween there is sadly no trick or treating. In my dreams, but no. Everyone goes to the center of town where its pretty much a big fair around the cemetery! It was way cool but we weren't allowed to go and had to come in at seven. Thats okay we made sugar cookies with frosting which was amazing because people don't sell that here. 
Dia de Los Santos when they decorate the cemetaries.

Hermana exchanges for the day.


The cat ears Mom sent for Halloween

Our second family went out with our ears and light sticks to celebrate.

Local Cemetery decorated

On Saturday was Dia de Los Santos and everyone goes to the cemetery, paints, and decorates the graves. Kind of like our memorial day.  We ate fiambre and tamales with Aura, per tradition. everyone eats fiambre here which is pretty much like a way nice salad. I had a normal one with not too many weird meats, but there are some that have cow tongue and stuff like that in it. Well I hope i didnt eat any tongue. 

I had divisions this week and it was the first time I really got to leave my area for awhile since Ive been here. I went with Hermana Richards and it was super fun! Fun to have something different. While I was with her they got three baptismal dates and they havent had any for about 3 transfers!!! I loved seeing these investigators strong faith. 

We had such a miracle this week!! About three weeks ago we fasted to have investigators come to church. We have had investigators at every sunday since°! And yesterday we had a family of 12 come!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh!!  and it was Juanaa and Leslies third assistance which means baptism can be soon. So excited to see her faith grow!! She has had a lot of great experiences with the scriptures lately. 

On saturday night we found one of our menosactivas drunk sleeping on the ground so we helped get her home. and the next day she came to church!!!! Works for me! Hopefully she is strengthening her faith°°° 
also we got chased by a drunk man on Saturday and it was pretty hilarious. definitely a week to remember!
hermana thompson

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  1. So when Sister a missionaries prepare someone for baptism, the Elders get to do the actual Baptising. Must be nice!