Tuesday, November 18, 2014


November 10,  2014


Well I’m gonna start out by saying that I am still afraid of spiders. We get these giant ones in our house...it takes us thirty minutes to usually kill one because its so scary. that’s what we get with two gringas!!! haha

Anyways, this week we had to give talks in sacrament meeting. well, i hope people understood me.Ssaberrrr i was just praying for the gift of tongues the whole time. My first baptism, Christopher, told me how much he wants to go on a mission and it just melted my heart i love that kid!!

But now time for a sad story. We have been teaching Juana, the mom, and Leslie, the daughter with special needs. They had all their assistances for baptism. we went on Friday with the elders to have a lesson and for the first time ever Leslie had a seizure in front of us. We knew this usually happened but we had never seen it. It was scary and we felt so bad. the elders were teaching about the great love that she has for her daughter and heavenly father loves us like that times a thousand. 
we went back the next day and asked her if she prayed and read the book of Mormon. she said now because she doesn’t want to ask god. She already has the bible and doesn’t need anything else. we asked her to pray and she said no I don’t want to. we asked how she knew the bible is true and she said because i know and i read it. We invited her to read and ask god if its true because she has nothing to loose. she said there is no point. our hearts shattered into a million pieces. I understood for a split second how Jesus felt when the world rejected him. She had sooo much potential. but the book of Mormon prophesizes of people rejecting the book of mormon. All people need to do is pray and read the book of mormon. 
god wants us to pray and ask questions because we dont know anything. We are here to learn and progress and our heavenly father wants to help us so much.   James 1 5. it never hurts to ask. and i promise you he will answer

Other news; the giant family that came to church last week sells vegetable in the terminal. Which is pretty much a giant farmers market every day but they sell everything for super cheap. Anyways we went and a member came by and we talked about temples. They loved that they could do the work of salvation for those who have already passed on. What a blessing we have to have temples today on the earth. 

Anyways i dont have a lot of time! 
love you! 
hermana thompson

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  1. And to think I got Baptised without even reading the Book of Mormon? If I didn't go to BYU with you who knows when I would have ever read it cover to cover? Ha ha. Thank goodness for 14 mandatory credit hours of Religion...