Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Senorita Elders got Licee

Well...where should I start? First,  lots of people love calling us weird names and senorita elders always makes me laugh. Anyways, on tuesday night my comp was so annoyed with her itchy head so i checked it and found a bug. Just one so we didnt worry because bugs are everywhere i tell you everywhere! 
anyways we were studying the next morning and what do i pull out of my head? Yes. the same bug. we flipped so i checked her head and i found like 15 more! We were creeped out and called the nurses and they told us to go get lice shampoo. so yes ladies and gentleman for the first time in my life i got lice. No, i was not happy about it and i never want to do
Taking out the licee

Cemeteries...on Nov. 1st they decorate to celebrate Halloween

it again haha. We had to leave lotion in our hair for hours, shampoo, a member came and put mantequa in our heads and lime. We had bags on our heads for about three days. It was a process. but dont worry everyone i am lice freee!!! 

I learned to make empanadas this week! They are delightful! Can't way to show all of you. 

This week we had many miracles.  
We had a noche de hogar with our neighbors, presidente matias, and we met gustavo. gustavo is twenty and you can tell he really wants the truth in his life. The difficulty with him and witha lot of others here is that they didnt go to school and just went right to working. They cant comprehend a lot so its little by little with them. Good thing i can speak complicated spanish! I have to teach the gospel simply in spanish which i love. 

Juana and Leslie came to church again and looooved it!! Juana had a big problem that she thought mormons only talked about Joseph Smith and adored him, but now she understands his purpose. He was the first prophte in this dispensation and restored the church through our heavenly father. He couldnt have done it without him. This is the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and we concentrate on our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. she loves it and wants to come to church again. 
Just ask yourself this..if you lived in the time of Jesus Christ when he established His church, would you go to his church or someone elses church? I know that this church is the church that jesus Christ established when he lived on the earth.We have a prophet, apostoles, revelation, the priesthood, and the scriptures that god wants the world to have. 
We had interviews with president this week and they were great!! He reassured me to not feel like I'm not having success but just remember the story of Abinidai. he had one convert that was alma and alma went on to convert thousands. 

Love you all and have a great week! 
PS I love hearing from everyone so please keep it up and if i havent heard from you email me! 
hermana thompson 

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  1. I thought my son's mission was hard! Ugh... your daughter is amazing with such a positive attitude which had to come from YOU! Sorry Scott does not "win" in this catagory, ha ha! ;)