Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Yes Mom, I will never complain about loading the dishwasher again.

Love this family and my companion!

Cutest puppy ever

District road trip

Thanksgiving Dinner with my district (transfers next week)

Hola!!! So I love Guatemala because they don't have thanksgiving so everyone is decorating and singing songs for Christmas!!! Such happy times!!!
Anyways,  we had a noche de hogar with Carmen this week. she is getting married hopefully and is just soooo pilas. She is sooo smart and so prepared! I did have to call and beg her to come to church but she came and loved it!!! We were so blessed this week that her, her bf, and her brother could all come! 
This week I hit five months. Weird. Doesn't feel like it AT ALL. We ate sugar cookies for breakfast on my five month and it was the best. 

We went to our big family of 17 and they told us the same thing that juana told us. We dont want to pray and ask because its doubting gods power. It was heartbreaking. There are so many stories in the bible of people praying for guidance from god. Its a blessing he gives us that we have a two way communication.

Our two most progressing are hurting with this, but we discovered why we have these difficulties. Last Sunday we knocked on a guys door who opened it with his pants all undone and was super creepy. We were not excited to go back the following week to teach him, but we did. he started the lesson by saying that he will never change his religion because he promised his parents thats he would never change his religion. never. My comp asked him if he had ever asked god what his will was for him. Because god knows whats best for us. He stopped and thought for a second and his entire attitude had changed in seconds. Because we had been studying a lot about prayer scriptures we had just the right scriptures to show him, one in Matthew about anything we look for we will recieve and another in john about how the holy ghost will teach us all things. 
He told us he is going to pray. He said tons of people had come and preached to him, but they never asked him to pray to God. Our challenges with our investigators prepared us for him. He told us that one day he might be mormon. 
Heavenly father has a plan for us. He knows whets best for us we just need to turn to him and see what he wants for us. His path is the best path. 
Anyways I love you all!!!!   Have a great week! 

Love always
Hermana Thompson

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  1. Your daughter's emails are so much better than my son's, ha ha. And she is so awesome about sending you pictures! No fair... ;)