Saturday, November 14, 2015

NOVEMBER 9TH, 2015 Porta Potys exist here too

Well this week was great!! lots of traveling. we went to xela for our leaders conference and that was 3 hours in  bus. so i had some stomach issues and it was a horrible feeling. when we finally got to the bus stop at 7 at night i run over to the gas station looking for a bathroom...they had an old porter potty. i was desperate hahahaahaha 
ookay the next day we went to an aldea of my area called tamilche. that's where all the photos are from. we met some less actives there and woke up at 5 to climb the mountian. it was fun! hahaha but its hard to work in aldeas cause no one will travel to go to church. 
We then went to colotenango for our zone meeting and its liek a jungle out there! its closer to Mexico and its gorgeous!!! 
both of the families wee are teaching are progressing weel!!! we had an amazing lesson with someone named jasmina who has three kids and is a singlemom. she says she just wants the truth and is so confused by all the hurches. the spirit was so strong in the lesson and she said she is going to pray to see if joseph smith was a prophet. every time we recite the first vision the spirit is sooooo strong. i cant even explain it. the spirit and the mosquito's were in this lesson and seh really opened her heart. 
in Consuelo president talked about Galatians 5 25. we should think about if we are walking by the spirit or if we are living by the spirit. as members of the church we have the gift of the holy ghost. are we using it always?? we have the right to have it as a guide always and we should use it always.
love you 

con amor 
Hermana Thompson




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