Monday, November 2, 2015


so first off. one of our new investigators casually has uncovered ruins in his backyard. we explained that that was proof that there were people here on the american continent during the time of Jesus Christ hahaaha i love livign in the land of the Book of Mormon!!
Moving on. my new area. la victoria. the mosquitos followed me. COOOL. ni modo. So about a year ago when i was in my first area (which is across the street of my new area) i taugth a members husband. he didnt want anything. i was sad. a year later i come back .and who has a baptism date?? HIMMMM!!! THE SAME FAMILY1! the wife was so excited to see me! but i am sooo thankful to our heavenly father for giving me this chance!!!
So this week has been tought, but we got a great miracle. On saturday night, we contacted a couple. they accepted the invitation to church. that doesnt normally happen. like ever. hahahaah we went to there house on sunday morning and they werent home and as we walked away the wife comes running after us and said thta they got locken in their house hahaah but they came to church and loved it! they told everyone that they would see them the next sunday! ahhh! they have a cute little baby of 2 months!!! anyways we taught them later and they accepted baptism dates. during this time that we found them we were fasting to find a family. fasting is real. this isnt the first time it has worked. The lord answer prayers. he loves us. 
i am soo grateful for my mission. it is everything. i love it. i love it. i love it. I love the Savior and i Know that He lives. He loves me. and he loves you. 

love you all 
hermana thompson

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