Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So we had another earthquake but this time it was a lot bigger, apparently it was in Mexico and hit Quetzaltenango pretty bad and Guatemala city just got a nice shake up. It was pretty fun, not gonna lie. Alright, so we only get a little bit of time to write today because we are driving down to a big marketplace (and eating Wendys! Never been so excited for American food before) for our Pday. Good news is we get our cameras so in 2 weeks (we cant send photos from the MTC) you will finally see my face!! haha  Anyways, this week went by in a blink of an eye! Every two weeks new nortes and Latinos come and go! I am so blessed to have the group of Hermanas I have now they are so great! Lately its only been two sisters at a time who come!

Nothing too exciting this week! After i emailed last week and heard about Alexs article on the cover of the New York Times, I told Presidente and he let me read it! Shout out to the best Presidente EVER!! also it was a fabulous article! For fourth of July the little pastry man(who makes fresh bread and pastries, every day, yes we are spoiled) made a giant American flag cake, which was amazing! oh and we got hamburgers so I felt pretty American! Except for the fact there were no fireworks but we heard some gun shots in the distance! close enough ya?

Funny story of the week. We walked to a little market and some elders in my district were asking a store clerk where the soap was. They explained it as llevamos con el sopa, donde. the store clerk just stood there confused. about two days later they realized that sopa meant soup, not soap so they asked the lady we was with soup, where is it. they are hilarious.

The language is coming along, my word of the week is "hipo" which means hiccup because Im pretty sure my companion has a hiccup disease that causes her to hiccup all the time. its pretty great. We had a teacher this week who spoke great english and claimed he learned it from MTV(which is very different from my other teacher who learned hers by reading the book of Mormon). After ten min of him saying all the English slang he knew, I began to believe him, but don't worry he learned it on the mish.

We had a 24 hour fast for fast Sunday and it was great! The spirit here was unread. The testimony meeting was amazing and everyones testimony was in Spanish was so great and spiritual! I read Matthew 4 and says that fasting brings miracles and I believe that.
1 month down. two weeks and ill finally be in Quetzaltenango!
love ya
hast luego
Hermana Thompson

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