Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2nd 2014

Subject: Entonces si, this is the CCM -

Hola familia!!
Okay so i feel like i should point out that we actually do have fun at the CCM, we laugh all the time and occassionally play some jokes on each other. The best jokes so far involve hiding each others name tags because they are magnetic so we get rather creative. Ive attached them to the toilet paper so they get a surprise when they go or my personal favorite attached it to the ceiling. I figured alex would be proud of me for those haha. but dont worry its all out of good fun.

Well life is pretty repetitive so there really isnt much to say. every day we wake up at 630, get ready, eat breakfast, go to call, maybe teach some investigators, eat lunch (which is fabulous becasue we get ice cream, its the time everyone looks forward to) then we teach some more or learn  some deportes. its pretty much the same thing. 11 hours of class a day but don't worry guys im definitely not bored. Ive never learned so much in my life! I have officially reached my halfway mark here so this means only two more pdays here and im off to Quetzaltenango!! As much as i enjoy being in this happy prison, im ready to go!! hahaha

Learning is pretty exhausting, but its probably because my bed is made for very tiny people. My feet hang off the end, but its probably gonna be the best bed i have all my mission so im gonna enjoy it while i can!
Well, lets see something great i have learned is that if you convince your minds of things it will happen. For example, we wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and guess what happened the next morning. pancakes. so ya even tiny miracles happen.

But seriously this week i learned an insane amount as usual. My favorite is how I feel about this great privilege of serving a mission and doing something for others like Christ did for us. I am so honored to be worthy enough to represent the Lord. Every week we get to watch devotionals from apostoles and its a low key christmas happiness! We got an ensign and that was like christmas! But just so you all know, i would LOVE some sleep for christmas so please send it haha

Anyways, I AM OVERWHELMED AND SO HAPPY BY THE EMAILS!! If i dont respond i apologize but i will get to them promise!! i feel your support every day and i am thankful to have you all in my life :)
love you all! Promise these emails will be more exciting soon! 
Hermana Thompson

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